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  • Managing Organizational Change – HR’s Greatest Opportunity in the 21st Century

    According to SHRM, HR professionals believe that demonstrated skills in mergers, acquisitions, and change management will have the greatest impact on human resource opportunities in the next decade

    Fifty percent of all organizations are currently going through different phases of organizational change, and up to half are deemed as failures due to lack of leadership, communication and trust of senior management. Human resource professionals are increasingly given the opportunity to take a leadership role in the change process and become the company’s change agent. We will discuss HR’s opportunity to lead all five types of today’s change initiatives. Company executives have now embraced HR’s leadership skills to manage key objectives requiring positive and thorough communication such as:

    • Mergers/Acquisitions
    • Arrival of new CEOs
    • Shaping of Company Culture
    • Manage Executive Development and Succession Planning To Provide a Fresh Perspective on Company Politics

    We will discuss HR’s nine required competencies to effectively lead organizational change, including effectively managing the ever important trust and communication issues. HR must identify which leaders have the greatest credibility for trust building and which are considered trust busters.

    This is HR’s greatest opportunity to sit at the big table and lead their companies through organizational change. The door is open, but we must take an aggressive approach with senior management to drive these programs to successful outcomes.