Training And Development - Leadership

  • Monday Morning Leadership

    Monday Morning Leadership is a best seller by well known business author David Cottrell.

    This session will enhance the leadership skills of anyone in or aspiring to be in a managerial role. Even today’s strongest leaders must refocus on the qualities that helped them earn a spot at the decision table. All leaders will tell you a key to their success was having a great mentor and the lessons learned from him/her. It highlights the eight mentoring sessions on how to become a better leader or to pass down to the ones you are mentoring.

    • Are you a driver or passenger?
    • Identify and keeping the “main” thing
    • The best leaders must escape from management land
    • Keeping focused on the “do right” rule
    • Hiring tough to fire easy
    • Choosing between doing less or working faster
    • Recognizing buckets and dippers
    • The need to remain in the learning zone

    This is an interactive session with each participant sharing examples and best practices of successful leadership qualities.