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  • Transitioning from HR Leader to Chief People Officer Without the need of a Super Hero Cape

    This seminar is the HR version of the "How Leaders Become Super Heroes but Their Capes are Invisible."

    This seminar is designed for every HR professional seeking to be indispensable to your organization while being a vital part of the succession plan to join the C suite.

    Though there are more than 100 competencies and behaviors defining Human Resource leadership there are five that the most successful Chief People Officers (CPOs) must clearly master. CEOs are increasingly turning to their Chief People Officers as their top trusted advisor and assigning them to significant and strategic roles in steering organizations out of the most turbulent times of the past forty years thus protecting the delicate relationships and retention of employees, investors and customers. By applying the five key competencies and using relevant, current and accurately forecasting business data CPOs are developing the business strategy to change the direction of today’s most successful organizations.

    With global competition and the challenges of constant organizational change and stockholders’ returns progressive organizations continue to turn to Human Resources to be a key strategic partner in identifying, developing and driving vision, culture and mission into reality. Success is based on the Chief People Officer’s ability to excel at employee accountability and personal ownership. They must constantly influence decisions and people which is paramount for organizational growth. In order for maximum effectiveness of their team’s performance, the Chief People Officer must demonstrate a consistent leadership model while displaying and protecting their greatest asset, personal integrity.