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    The Fall Leadership Series will take place during the entire month of September, on Wednesdays from 12:00pm – 1:45pm (EST). Each week will be a different premiere training designed to encourage and challenge your personal and organizational leadership.

    • Session 1: September 8thYvette SalvaticoThe Futurist Mindset: How to Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose
    • Session 2: September 15thCheryl Moreno & Danielle Hoeltzel – Developing Teams in the Modern Workplace
    • Session 3: September 22ndPhil Reynolds – Leadership Derailment: Why Self-Leadership Matters
    • Session 4: September 29thDr. Tim Elmore – Paradoxes of Uncommon Leaders

    Session 1

    Title: The Futurist Mindset: How to Navigate Uncertainty with Purpose

    Speaker: Yvette Salvatico

    You are facing an increasingly VUCA environment – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – full of exponential change. How do you navigate a world like that? How do you prepare for a future that seems to be changing too rapidly to grasp? These complex and uncertain times require a new mindset. The “must have” skillset required to thrive in an era of unprecedented uncertainty is Strategic Foresight. It’s how you can effectively manage, harness, and leverage the constant change that is all around us.

    Join us to discover how Strategic Foresight will empower you to make sense of the emerging landscape of change, develop aspirational future visions, and create detailed road maps to achieve them as we learn to navigate an uncertain future with purpose.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Develop an aspirational vision plan
    • Create detailed roadmaps to achieve your goals
    • Learn skills and best practices to thrive in uncertainty


    Session 2

    Title: Developing Teams in the Modern Workplace

    Speaker: Cheryl Moreno & Danielle Hoeltzel

    Over the last 18 months, businesses and individuals have endured more societal change than ever before in their lifetime. Organizations have had to adjust to new ways of doing business, serving customers, and managing employees. One thing many people have not considered is how our new work dynamics have altered how we create, manage, and perform as teams. In this session, Cheryl & Danielle leverage their team development experience from training and developing over 800 franchise offices to bring you valuable insight that will take your team to the next level.

    Join us as we discuss how the process of developing a team has evolved and how to make sure you are using the right techniques for today’s workplace.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the four stages of team development
    • Recognize how team dynamics have changed and where they are headed
    • Learn new strategies to build and maintain effective teams

    Session 3

    Title: Leadership Derailment: Why Self-Leadership Matters

    Speaker: Phil Reynolds

    Self-leadership describes how you lead your own life – setting your course, following it, and correcting as you go. It is about developing and managing your individual energy to initiate, motivate and perform at a high level, improving and sustaining your goals as well as the goals of the organization.  Whether you are working from home, dealing with distractions, or coping with change, self-leadership helps you navigate your journey successfully.

    Join us as we develop the mindset and skill set to be a self-leader in this rapidly changing environment.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn skills and best practices to lead yourself
    • Develop skills to cope with change successfully
    • Improve and sustain your goals along with your organization

    Session 4

    Title: Paradoxes of Uncommon Leaders

    Speaker: Dr. Tim Elmore

    Leading in the 21st century is more complicated than it was in past centuries. Leadership is seldom easy, but today it affords us the challenge of collaborating with a more educated, more entitled, more savvy population that has greater expectations for satisfaction and rewards than in past generations. Effective leaders stand out because they can juggle seemingly contradictory traits to lead such people. They balance paradoxes that make them worth following. Their paradoxical traits are distinguishable as they require not just intelligence but social and emotional intelligence. 

    Join us for this session, based on Dr. Tim Elmore’s newest book releasing in fall 2021, The 8 Paradoxes of Uncommon Leaders, where we will learn how to be an uncommon leader that is worth following.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn how to leverage both vision and blind spots.
    • Discover the balance of embracing both visibility and invisibility.
    • Gain skills necessary to be both timeless and timely.

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