13 Weeks to Operational Excellence and Leadership Alignment

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  • 13 weeks to Operational Excellence and Leadership Alignment is a program uniquely designed to bring all levels of leadership into alignment while each person learns about critical skills and leadership traits. One of the biggest issues plaguing the modern manufacturing and industrial workforce is a lack of alignment throughout the different levels of leadership.

    This program takes place in person on site at your company over thirteen weeks, where participants will gather as three distinct groups to weave together a story of operational behaviors, skills, improvement ideas, and necessary leadership attributes.  At the end of the 13-week series your company will be poised to move forward in areas of safety, waste reduction, communication, onboarding, employee retention, and so much more.

    Each session will include 2 hours with the managers, 2 hours with the front-line leaders, and 2 hours with team/peer leads.  Each will work through a topic relevant to their leadership level and each will examine one of the “dirty dozen” traits needed to be effective at their respective level. This is more than a training for team members, it is designed as a transformational process for your entire company.

    This program was created by John Keuning, the Director of Manufacturing Training, from over 30 years of manufacturing and leadership experience.

    Take your company to the next level with operational excellence and leadership alignment! Contact us today at john.keuning@expresspros.com.

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  • Key Takeaways:

    • A practical playbook of operational tactics designed to bring excellence to your workplace
    • Templates and tools to make implementation go smoothly
    • A desk-top reference book to remind the participant of all of the topics covered
    • Practical/tactical alignment advice from a voice of experience
    • A common “leadership language” to speak throughout the levels of leadership
    • Culture shifting knowledge and methods 
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