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  • As an employer, do you know if you are compliant with all state and federal requirements related to COVID-19? In Michigan, on May 18, Governor Whitmer released executive order no. 2020-91 outlining very specific and extensive requirements for ALL businesses in Michigan. Businesses have until June 1, 2020 to finalize and share their COVID-19 preparedness plan and begin following all required guidelines. Our local team of safety and human resources experts at Express Employment Professionals understand all the requirements and are standing ready to support you and your business.

  • COVID-19 Preparedness Consulting and Support Services

    Our team can support you with the following services:

    • CDC Safety evaluation of your business to include recommendations based on CDC guidelines. 
    • Creation of COVID-19 preparedness plan specific to your organization that will pass all requirements included in Michigan Executive Orders.
    • Review of current COVID-19 preparedness plan to include any recommendations for revisions to ensure compliance and follow best practices.
    • Creation of customized COVID-19 safety training for your business. Live or virtual training to train your training team, or to train all of your employees. Documentation of completed training is provided.
    • Support in developing "COVID-19" safety committee and outlined responsibilities.
    • Full-service staffing and recruiting services, including temperature checker contractors.

    To schedule a free initial consultation with our team, contact or fill out the form on this page.

  • Compliance Questionnaire:

    (If you answer “no” to any of these questions then you are not in compliance and could face strict penalties and fines.)

    1. Do you have a safety committee and or responsible assigned person in your company that meets daily to review and asses if the safety actions your company has put in place for COVID-19 are working, meet CDC guidelines as well as MIOSHA requirements?
    2. Does your organization have a designated person that all COVID-related positive testing outcomes and or exposure to COVID-19 issues are reported?
    3. Is your company currently abiding by the requirements of confidentiality "HIPAA" standards and keeping all medical information private and confidential during COVID-19?
    4. Does your preparedness plan clearly address the following:  plan, communication, expectations, posting of information, social distancing requirements, PPE requirements specific to COVID-19, requirements of reporting unsafe working conditions and or exposure, who to report to, handwashing, housekeeping, cleaning requirements, resources, COVID-19 checker requirements for employees and visitors as well as consistent and posted communication?  
    5. Is your company's COVID-19 preparedness plan signed by the owner and or highest Executive of the company and made available to staff and clients?
    6. Has 100% of your staff received COVID-19 safety training and are all new hires required to receive this training?
    7. Do you have a policy on social distancing specific to CDC guidelines and that is being enforced? Does this policy align with the industry specific requirements outlined in executive order No. 2020-91?
    8. Is your company providing a guide to what PPE is required specific to COVID-19?  Is your company providing the required PPE to all employees and visitors? Does this policy align with the industry specific requirements outlined in executive order No. 2020-91?
    9. Do you have a documented response plan for any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in your employees?

  • Key Points from Michigan Executive Order No. 2020-19 (Released May 18)

    This order provides detailed requirements by industry that all businesses in the State of Michigan must follow. View the full order here.

    • The Governor clearly states that the requirements listed in this order will be enforced vigorously: “an enforceable set of workplace standards that apply to all businesses across the state. These standards will have the force and effect of agency rules and will be vigorously enforced by the agencies that oversee compliance with other health-and-safety rules. Any failure to abide by the rules will also constitute a failure to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards within the meaning of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, MCL 408.1011.”
    • Specific business operations guidelines are outlined by: All businesses, outdoor businesses, construction, manufacturing, research laboratories, retail stores, offices, and restaurants and bars. Each industry must comply with slightly different requirements.
    • Develop a COVID‑19 Preparedness and Response Plan consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID‑19 (“Plan”) and make it available to employees, customers and the public by June 1, 2020, or within two weeks of resuming in-person activities, whichever is later. When employees are on-site, a supervisor must be present to implement and monitor the control strategies developed under the Plan.  
    • Provide COVID‑19 training to employees that covers, at a minimum: (1) workplace infection-control practices; (2) proper use of personal protective equipment; (3) steps an employee must take to notify the business of any symptoms or suspected/confirmed diagnosis of COVID‑19; and (4) how to report unsafe working conditions. 
    • Conduct a daily entry that includes self-screening for employees and contractors to identify any symptoms and suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID‑19. 
    • Provide non-medical grade face coverings for all employees and require that they be worn when employees cannot consistently maintain six feet of separation. 
    • Increase facility cleaning and disinfection. 
    • Within 24 hours of becoming aware of an employee who tests positive for COVID‑19, notify the local health department and all employees/contractors who may have come in contact with any employee who tests positive for COVID‑19. 
    • Restrict business travel to essential travel only. 
    • Manufacturing facilities: must conduct daily temperature screening of every employee.

  • COVID-19 Response Training and Consulting Team

    Our COVID-19 response team has a combined 50 years of experience in the areas of MIOSHA, OSHA, Human Resources, Safety, Manufacturing and much more. John and Sonya have been leaders in our community in assisting and supporting employers through COVID-19 with free webinars, supporting thousands of companies across the country. They have also partnered with the Best & Brightest, the Better Business Bureau, local Chambers of Commerce, and the Michigan Manufacturing Association to provide free resources and training to support our community around COVID-19 response and preparedness. 

  • John Keuning
    John Keuning

    Director of Manufacturing Excellence

    John Keuning joined Express Employment Professionals in 2017 as Director of Manufacturing Excellence. John has a passion to put his thirty years of manufacturing and leadership experience to work for companies by providing both classroom training and on site consulting in all areas of manufacturing. He has extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing theory and implementation as well as helping new and advancing leaders understand the day to day work of being a leader. John has served multiple industries as a Supervisor, Lean Leader, Product Launch Leader, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Manufacturing. Through each experience, his main focus has been to help fellow leaders, direct reports, and team members to be their best while executing the daily duties of manufacturing.

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    Sonya Bielecki
    Sonya Bielecki

    Sr. HR Consultant

    Sonya Bielecki joined the Express Employment Professionals team in 2020 as a a Senior HR Consultant. She has worked as a leader in the Human Resource industry for over 20 years. Having worked in all areas of Human Resources during her career, Sonya's experience and skills allow her to focus on the vision of each organization while providing services to enhance, improve and support a strong HR functionality necessary in every company. Her experience includes working in various HR roles at Global Corporations with multi-state workforces, including as the Director of Human Resources at Weiss Technik North America, the Human Resources Training and Development with Pridgeon and Clay, and significant time in HR consulting and third party recruiting.

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