Express Lean Series

  • Express Lean Series

    This four-session training program provides a practical, hands-on perspective to the culture of Lean manufacturing. Each session is filled with examples, tips, and ideas from real-life experiences to help you take the next step in your Lean journey. Each session includes classroom learning, activities, and simulations to help bring Lean to life. This series is not just a training event, but a catalyst for continuous improvement and development of your teams.

  • SESSION 1: The Fundamentals of Lean – What is Lean and why your business needs it

    This session will explore a brief history of Lean and its vocabulary, the meaning of value-add and non-value add, the seven wastes, and the real dollar and cent impact of reducing waste.

    SESSION 2: Continuous Improvement – How to start your Lean journey

    Continuous improvement is part of Lean and crucial to better practices, but how do you start? This session will provide five catalysts to begin your continuous improvement journey. We will also take a deeper dive into the “how to” of Kaizen data-driven improvements, and team engagement activities.

    SESSION 3: The Lean Toolbox – From 5S to standardized work

    Once your Lean journey begins to take shape, you will need tools in your Lean toolbox. This session will cover the most common and practical tools of Lean including 5S, load leveling, standardized work, and supermarkets.

    SESSION 4: Production Flow – Optimizing your value stream

    This session will be an analysis of Lean manufacturing principles. Is the layout right? Is your value-add clearly known? Do you know what your revenue stream and value stream look like? Is there a pull system? Do you have a plan and method to improve daily? This session will include hands-on activity to prove the importance of these principles.

    Onsite Consultation and Application

    This training program has a strong emphasis on applying what is taught, in your company. Throughout the series participants will be asked to apply what they are learning to different real life projects at their company. Our experienced trainer will also consult with students and put his 30+ years of Lean experience to work at your company.

  • Meet Your Trainer: John Keuning, Director of Manufacturing Excellence

    Director of Manufacturing Excellence - John Keuning

    John Keuning joined Express Employment Professionals  in 2017 as Director of Manufacturing Excellence. John has a passion to put his thirty years of manufacturing and leadership experience to work for companies by providing both classroom training and on site consulting in all areas of manufacturing.  He has extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing theory and implementation as well as helping new and advancing leaders understand the day to day work of being a leader.

    John has served multiple industries as a Supervisor, Lean Leader, Product Launch Leader, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Manufacturing. Through each experience, his main focus has been to help fellow leaders, direct reports, and team members to be their best while executing the daily duties of manufacturing.

    His goal is to help develop better leaders, engaged workers, lower cost of goods, and higher profits for companies by arming teams with tools necessary to be great agents of change. Supervisor Boot Camp, Advancing Excellence Series, and the Express Lean Series of classes are all part of this quest for excellence. John’s favorite place to be is on the plant floor working side by side with teams and leaders to find solutions to manufacturing questions.

  • Learn More About Express Lean Series

  • The Express Lean Series Includes:16 hours of classroom learning, hands-on activities, simulations and on-site application. The series is delivered on-site at your location and can be customized to fit your needs.

  • For more information, please contact John Keuning, Director of Manufacturing Excellence: (616) 281-0611 -

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