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    Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and engage in an experience specifically aimed at making your team perform at a higher level. Below are some customizable key areas of team development we see within organizations.

    Foundations of Team

    At the core of high performing teams are things like trust, sharing a core set of values, sharing a vision, holding each other accountable, and aligning to move in the same direction. Without these key pieces, it can feel impossible to get your team moving in a healthy direction. With our skilled facilitator, engage your team in interactive activities around these foundational high performing team behaviors.

    Team Collaboration: Communication, Conflict, and Structure

    Being able to effectively communicate as a team is essential to perform at your highest level, whether virtual, in the office, or hybrid. Common topics covered through interactive experiences are transforming conflict, understanding communication styles, clarity in communication, and barriers in communication.

    Team Innovation: Creativity and Problem Solving

    We believe your team has every solution necessary to tackle any problem presented. Learn the processes and practices that will bring out the best of everyone, help you test ideas, innovate fresh approaches, and move your team forward. 

    Team Bonding: Cohesion and Fun

    Do you feel generally disconnected and out of sorts as a team? Don’t like the idea of a feel-good gathering without a strategic purpose? Let our facilitator create a fun and purposeful experience where you will understand one another better and feel a deeper sense of belonging to the team.

    Don’t see one that fits? Let’s talk!

    Why team solutions?

    A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Studies have found that teams built solely on talent are far less productive than teams with a good foundation and working chemistry. Through a study at Google, research found the most profound key trait to a successful team is how safe they feel presenting innovative ideas and dissenting opinions. 

    Healthy teams communicate, collaborate, trust each other, and utilize everyone’s talent brought to the table. They maximize and elevate one another’s creativity and ability. Teams who don’t know how to work together can become siloed and territorial, placing roadblocks in the way of each other’s growth and makeing the organization less effective. While individual employee development is crucial, studies show focused team development is also critical to an organization’s success. 

  • For more information or to sign up your team, contact our Team Development Specialist, Ryan Williams, at or call us at (616) 608-9684.

    STEP 1: IDENTIFY your team’s key challenges through an intake meeting or call.

    Through a series of key questions, a facilitator will help to identify your key team challenges

    STEP 2: CREATE A SOLUTION tailored to your specific challenges.

    In collaborative fashion the facilitator will create and present a solution specifically geared to tackle your team challenges.

    STEP 3: ENGAGE THE TEAM with custom built activities and experiences.

    The team will engage in an experience meant to draw out all voices, create meaningful reflection, and specific action either one time or in a series, virtual or in-person.

    STEP 4: FOLLOW-UP with resources and tools to keep this going on your own.

    The facilitator will follow up with resources and tools to provide on going activities for your team to keep growing better together.