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    After you complete the application and interview process, we'll match your skills to the jobs we have available, present you to the companies we serve, and coach you on successful interview techniques. And, you never pay a fee for the services and support we provide.

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  • Express Greensboro: Our Hiring Process for Temp Jobs

    When you apply for a position through Express Greensboro, we put our hiring process to work on your behalf. Each step in our process helps us to get to know you, your skills, and where you’re headed. This process ensures we match workers with the positions where they’re most likely to succeed, helping job seekers find work in short-term and long-term temp jobs in Greensboro, High Point, and other nearby communities – all at no cost to you.

    Step 1. Find Temp Jobs in Greensboro

    The first step to finding meaningful employment with Express Greensboro comes through our online job listings. We’re always posting new temp jobs from our client companies in the Greensboro area. This way, job seekers knows which positions we need candidates for at any given time. Our listings include Greensboro-area and High Point-area temp jobs in a wide range of fields, including office work, commercial positions, and specialized professions.

    Step 2. Create Your Account & Apply

    Once you’ve identified the jobs that you’re interested in, you can apply to those jobs directly by creating an account through our online portal. When you create your account, you’ll include the information that our team and potential employers need to hire you for temp jobs in the Greensboro area. With your account created, you’ll then be able to apply to as many jobs as you like.

    Step 3. Temp Jobs Interview & Assessment

    Express Greensboro interviews new temp job applicants in order to learn more about your skills and expertise. Once interviewed, you become part of our candidate database. When jobs come up that fit your skill set, we present your information to Greensboro-area employers, leveraging our relationships with local business leaders to find you meaningful employment.

    Step 4. Your Greensboro Temp Job Placement

    When we match you with a temp job opening in the Greensboro area, we’ll come to you with an open offer for that position. At Express Greensboro, workers always have the chance to accept or turn down any offer – this way you can be sure that you’re matched with a position that you value, with a workplace that you feel comfortable in, and with a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

    Take Your First Step Today!

    Take your first step toward temp jobs in the Greensboro and High Point area today. Browse our available Job Openings, then Create an Account to get started. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (336) 282-7901 and find out how you can apply in person.

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  • The Express Hiring Process