Choosing a Recruiter in Greensboro

  • Choosing a Recruiter in Greensboro

    Greensboro, NC - August 10, 2018

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    Recruiting is becoming tougher and tougher for local employers. Unemployment remains low, competition for workers remains high, and hiring markets are moving at whiplash-inducing speeds. Under these conditions, a recruiter or recruiting firm in Greensboro can be a lifesaver. A high-quality recruiting firm will find great candidates before your competitors, and they can help you make more efficient use of resources when recruiting.

    4 Questions to Help You Find the Right Recruiter in Greensboro

    Every company has different ways of evaluating recruitment agencies, and you might already know how to choose the right recruiter in Greensboro for your needs. But if you're unsure how to evaluate one staffing company vs. another, here's a cheat sheet to help you get started. The following four questions are an easy way to narrow down your list of potential recruiters in Greensboro and find the right fit for your business.

    Do they have relevant experience? Recruiting is a boom industry right now, which has led to a number of newer agencies. Many of these agencies lack the experience and the connections to find top-notch candidates, making them a poor fit for your needs. Meanwhile, other staffing firms are specialists in certain types of staffing. If their specialty is a good fit for your business, that's great, but they are liable to underdeliver on other jobs.

    Are they knowledgeable about local hiring conditions? People sometimes underestimate the importance of location to staffing. Yet few conditions have a bigger impact on recruitment than the city in which you're located. If a recruitment specialist doesn't understand what makes Greensboro unique as a hiring market, they can't give you an edge when you're searching for new workers.

    Do they care about building relationships? Staffing is centered around relationships, and it's important that recruiters in Greensboro both understand and value how important it is to build relationships. A telltale sign of an effective recruitment specialist is how they approach your first meetings. Are they invested in your staffing needs? Do they take pains to understand what makes your workforce unique? If not, they're probably a poor fit.

    Can they recruit effectively and efficiently? You wouldn't be hiring a recruitment company if you could recruit workers just as effectively and efficiently. So when you're meeting with different recruiters in Greensboro, have them explain what sets them apart. A worthwhile recruitment firm will be able to detail their hiring process and explain why it adds value to your business.

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