How Greensboro Staffing Companies Can Help You Get Hired

  • How Greensboro Staffing Companies Can Help You Get Hired 

    Greensboro, NC - October 08, 2018

    Staffing Companies in Greensboro | Express Pros  Are you sending out your resumes but not getting any bites? Do you make it to the interview stage but no further? It's a competitive job market out there. Staffing companies like Express Employment Professionals can help Greensboro and High Point job-seekers appeal to businesses. We offer career development support to improve skills, certification, and training, so you can get what you need to become a competitive hire in a tough market.  

    Career Training From Express Employment Professionals Greensboro 

    Although not all staffing companies offer extensive career support, here are a few ways that Express Employment Professionals Greensboro can help level up your training:  

    • Get software training. Whether it's Excel or Photoshop, learning software can be a requirement for some jobs, and an opportunity to gain a competitive edge for others. Either way, Express Employment Professionals Greensboro offers a range of video tutorials for you to learn new computer skills at your own pace. 
    • Learn all about workplace safety.  Express Employment Professionals Greensboro, like some other staffing companies, offers jobs of all types: commercial, professional, administrative, and more. Some jobs may require additional certification or job safety training. We supply introductory training for those new to worksites, job safety, and proper use of tools and equipment. 
    • Find out how to ace an interview.  Did you know that it takes most people approximately 30 seconds to form an impression of you? It makes a stressful job interview even more challenging. Luckily for job-seekers, we have a full video series to teach you how to ace an interview. 
    • Build up your verbal and written communication.  Every job requires some level of communication, especially administrative jobs and jobs that involve customer interaction. Impress your new bosses from the very beginning. With help from a staffing company like Express Employment Professionals Greensboro, you can polish your verbal and written communication skills to perfection.
    • Learn the 101s of networking.  Networking isn't just a way to get you hired. It's how any professional stays connected and up-to-date in their industry, how you can develop new opportunities within your company, and how you form long-term relationships to build your career. With various training and video modules, you can get up to speed on how to network. 

    Let's take your business and workplace skills to the next level. Visit Express Employment Professionals Greensboro online, or contact (336) 282-7901, to see how our staffing company can help.