Tricky Interview Questions: How to Answer Them Like a Pro

  • Tricky Interview Questions: How to Answer Them Like a Pro

    Gresham, OR - February 23, 2022

    2022-02 Business Staffing Agency in Gresham OR Are you preparing for an upcoming interview? If so, you need to be prepared for some tricky questions. Interviewers love to ask difficult questions to see how well you think under pressure and how you process information. In this blog post, an employment company in Gresham, OR will discuss some of the most common tricky interview questions and how to answer them. 

    Question: Can you tell me about a time when you failed? 

    This question is designed to see how you handle difficult situations. You should discuss a real failure you have experienced but try to spin it positively. Make sure to highlight what you have learned from the experience and how you have improved. For example, if you didn't get a job offer after an interview, you could say that you learned a lot from the process and you are now a stronger candidate. 

    Question: What is your greatest achievement? 

    This question is designed to see if you have the skills and experience required for the job, as well as what you consider important to yourself. Discuss a real achievement that is relevant to the role. Don't just list your academic achievements. Explain what you did, your role in it, and why it was valuable. For example, if you are applying for a job in sales, you could discuss how you increased sales by 20% for your last company over the previous year. 

    Question: Why are you interested in this position? 

    This question is designed to see if you have taken the time to learn about the company and the role. You should discuss how your skills and experience align with the job requirements and what you can bring to the table. Don't just say that you need a job or that you're interested in the salary. 

    If you are prepared for these tricky interview questions, you will be able to answer them like a pro. For more help with your job search , contact Express Employment Professionals today. They will help you find the ideal job for your skills and experience! 

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