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  • C. Best, Senior Director

    "Express has always been a sheer delight to work with, and I'm certain it's not just the company, but also your excellent staff and leadership that make the difference. I am thankful for your ongoing commitment to our satisfaction."

    M. Salas, Human Resources

    "We respect that Express took the time to fully investigate and analyze our facility, our manufacturing lines, and our technical needs in person before ever sending someone out on an assignment. Obtaining a clear understanding of our environment and comprehending our various hiring managers' requirements was critical to Express supplying us with qualified individuals to fill our temporary needs. Express' ongoing follow-up, exceptional customer service and the extra services they provide make them a stand-out in this crowded field of temporary staffing solutions."

    D. Troesch, Supervisor

    "We have been using Express for over six years and find them to be very professional and easy to work with. Our requests are filled with care; the staff takes time to get all the information necessary to match the best qualified candidate with the right position in our company."

    J. Bean, HR Manager

    "The Express team has done a great job meeting our expectations over the last three years. They are very quick to react to requests; especially at the last minute. I am most impressed with the quality of employees they send to us.  The staff has carefully reviewed our standards and visited our location so they have a true idea of what each position does and how we work. I have worked with a number of services over the years and am very pleased with the high level of customer service I receive from Express.

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