While Peggy Jacobs, the owner of the Holland Express Employment Professionals, was looking for just the right place for the Express Clydesdales to call home during #Tuliptime2018,  she met the owner of Southridge Clydesdales, Cliff Haverdink. Cliff’s family has been in the Holland area for over 100 years and his farm is part of the original family property.   Cliff offered to host the Express Clydesdales with open arms and is happy to have them visit our community. 
             The most amazing part is that Southridge Clydesdales raises the same rare breed of black and white Clydesdale as the Express Clydesdales.    “Quite a few of the Southridge Clydesdales can be traced to the Donegal Clydesdales, including our latest baby Clydesdale, Nation!”, said Josh Minshull, the handler and manager of the Express Clydesdales. “This is going to be a family reunion of sorts. These Clydesdales travel across North America as ambassadors to Express Employment Professionals and have been in some of the world’s most famous parades like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the Tournament of Roses Parade, and now will add the world famous Holland Tulip Time Volksparade and Muziekparade in May of this year.”   “In all their travels, they seldom run into others directly related and here they are, right here in our town, Holland MI”, said Ms. Jacobs.  “It’s also exciting that Nation, the newest baby, will be celebrating his 1st birthday during Tulip Time.”
          Nation has a huge international fan club.  More than 4,000 people from 12 countries helped christen the newest Express Clydesdale with the name “Nation” as part of an online poll.  He was 122lbs when born and will stand over 8 feet high and weigh over 2000lbs when fully grown.  It is possible Nation will be able to make the trip for the “family reunion” in May but if not, the others will do what they love to do most, meet their friends and fans for up close and personal time while here in town.  Go to www.expressproslakeshore.com to find out event locations and times.  
          In 1998, Bob Funk, the Chairman of Express Employment Professionals was visiting Saskatchewan, Canada.  During his visit he met and fell in love with this rare and beautiful breed of black and white Clydesdale.  While Clydesdales vary in different shades of bay, chestnut, and black, only 10% of the Clydesdale population in North America is black and white in color.  Mr. Funk wanted to bring a hitch of these beautifully graceful Clydesdales to his home state of Oklahoma.  
         The Holland Express Employment Professionals franchise began operation in 2012 and serves the Ottawa and Allegan county areas with contract staffing and direct hire employees in a variety of fields, specializing in the skilled trades with permanent long term positions.  The Holland office, located at 660 Chicago Drive, Holland, MI is currently accepting applications.
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