• Acing Virtual Job Interviews

    Howell/Brighton MI - April 22, 2020

    As most of the country braces for yet another week of non-essential business closures, some states are eyeing lifting shelter-in-place orders for residents in May, allowing businesses to start resuming operations.


    The new reality of social distancing has changed the landscape for business operations in almost every aspect, including the interview process, which is why job seekers need to be prepared for the possibility of video interviews through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.


    Here are a few tips to make sure a video interview is just as effective, and professional, as an in-person one:



      Express experts say video interviews could be the way of the future and some offices are even helping facilitate calls during the pandemic for companies that aren't entirely comfortable with the technology aspect.


      "Acting as a facilitator for video interviews allows us to coordinate with all parties involved and be on the call for any sort of troubleshooting," said Jan Riggins, general manager of two Express offices in Fort Worth, Texas. "This has been an amazing way to ensure the hiring process continues smoothly and in a timely manner."


      In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Express marketing director David Robb says they also have several clients transitioning to video interviews and one client even requested instructions for the process. 


      "More companies will be doing this, and I think it's going to stick around even after this crisis because it is so convenient," he said. 


      Riggins agrees that virtual interviews will be crucial from a safety standpoint as businesses reopen, allowing job seekers who implement key tips and tricks to stand out from the competition.

      "Much has changed for businesses and job seekers in the past few months, but as the economy begins to safely reopen, put yourself ahead of the competition with professional interview skills, no matter the location," Express CEO Bill Stoller said.