• Helping you keep your best people.

    Express Employment Indy South can find the right people, but will they stay?  You have heard the adage, good people don’t leave companies, they leave poor leaders.  We can help you design training programs that fit both your time and cost goals.   We specialize in helping small to medium sized companies that do not have large training departments customize programs that help their leaders improve their ability to work with people.  Are you investing in your future leaders?

    Small group – No problem, let’s do lunch and learn workshops.

    Work with Express Indy South, and you won’t waste time.  We know you are busy, but you have to eat – right?  We can do shorter 1 ½ -2 hour sessions on various topics that can help you keep your employees focused on the things you want.  We can do it around the lunch hour and help keep your productivity in high gear.  Our specialties are business management topics in the HR and Leadership arena.  Here are a few examples

    • Love’em or Lose’em – Proven Strategies for Retaining Your Workers and Becoming an Employer of Choice
    • Managing Conflict and Change to Enhance Morale and Team Building
    • Monday Morning Leadership
    • How to Deal With the Problem Employee
    • The Leaderships Role in Creating Fulfilling Jobs – The Three Signs
    • Leadership in Turbulent Times – Strategies for Surviving an Economic Downturn
    • Situational Leadership II

    Larger team – let our Express University staff help you figure out what you need.

    It’s hard to put training in a box.  We have a real live University at Express.  We use this to train our internal employees.  Our experts know how to help you.  We like to come in and access your needs then design something that fits for you.  We have programs that are 4 hours for a group of 20 or 4 days that incorporate an entire management team.  We start with an approach that’s both highly systematic and very personal.

    Seminars. Free Ones! Really, they are Free.

    We have been hosting 3 LEAD Seminars a year for the last 4 years in various spots in Indianapolis.  LEAD stands for Leadership, Employment and Development.  We do these for free to give back to our clients and local community.  We usually have over 200 people that attend these events and all the spots are filled up.  We figure that if our clients send their leaders, then our clients will become better places for our associates to work and become employers of choice – then we all win.

    Can’t leave the office. Let’s do a Webinar.

    We host Webinars at our office and we can set them up for yours.  Ask us what our next topic is – we can bring it right to your computer screen.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.  Most of our Webinars also come with HRCI extending credits for your PHR and SPHR recertification.

    Pricing.  We will fit your budget.

    Express Employment understands your budget is tight.  We live in that same world.  Our pricing works around the topic, number of attendees, length of the session and the cost of the material.  Let’s sit down and figure it out together.