Turning Your Entry-Level Job Into A Career

  • How to Turn Your Entry-Level Job into a Career

    OKLAHOMA CITY - January 28, 2020




    Use Your Entry-Level Job For Your Career Development

    One of the most challenging aspects of work can be the process and time it takes to move from entry-level, front-line employee, to manager, supervisor or veteran team member. Your first job with a company likely includes simple tasks, that could be repetitive and even boring.  1-28-2020-Career

    In those situations, it's difficult to connect your day-to-day work with the bigger picture of your career, where you want to go, and eventually be at the end of the journey.

    Treat It Like a Career, Not a Job

    As is the case with most of life, your attitude can make all the difference. If you only view the place you work and the things you do as a daily eight to 10-hour obligation, needed to earn a paycheck, then you'll have a hard time seeing the opportunity in front of you.

    Every job, even one that may seem menial or basic in its tasks, has meaning. Entry-level jobs are meant to help you build experience and gain more understanding of the organization or industry. In the day-to-day it may be hard to understand the impact or difference you're making, but it's important to take a step back and see the big picture.

    The company wouldn't hire someone if the role wasn't needed, so you are contributing to the overall success of the business, no matter the task. But you're also adding to your personal success by showing up each day and working hard in your current role, proving you have what it takes to move up. 

    Make a Good Impression

    Each day, you likely interact with a mix of teammates, co-workers from other departments, direct supervisors, upper management, and maybe even business owners. And each time you see them, have a conversation while getting a cup of coffee, or talk about a project you're working on, you are making an impression. The question you need to ask for your career development is, what kind of impression are you making.

    Throughout your day, you don't know who could be watching or could walk by and see you hard at work. Maybe they notice the way you show up a few minutes early to get ready for the day, or how you clean up areas around the building, even when it's not your responsibility. 

    Those little actions you take could mean the difference to someone who has the influence and ability to help your career grow. 

    Expand Your Network

    The temptation with entry-level jobs can be to stay in your cubicle, or workstation, or whatever location you've been assigned to in the building, and not venture out to meet others. If you want to turn this job into a career, you must fight that temptation.

    Finding a job or moving up in your career so often comes down to who you know. Use this opportunity to grow your network and set yourself up for the next step in your career. Just be mindful to not let this interfere with getting your work done. 

    Learn, Improve, Repeat

    As you go through your day, becoming an expert on the job you are in, look for ways you can improve processes in your role. Share your ideas with your supervisor. Doing this shows initiative and the ability to learn, grow, and focus on how to make the company stronger. 

    And then, once you've been moved up and begin to see your role change and expand, continue this process. Learn from those around you, take lessons from your own mistakes, identify areas that can be improved, and suggest solutions. 

    One of the most important aspects of turning your entry-level job into a career is showing others that you are always learning, growing, and improving as an employee and teammate.

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