COVID’s Impact on The Workforce

  • New Opportunities for Work in The Midst of COVID-19

    OKLAHOMA CITY - October 07, 2020




    How COVID-19 Has Changed The Job Market

    In early 2020, the world changed in many ways. The spread of COVID-19 decimated the worldwide economy, keeping people in their homes and splitting the workforce into essential and non-essential workers. The impact was far reaching and pervasive throughout nearly every aspect of our lives. 10-7-2020

    As businesses shut their doors, many also made the difficult decision to furlough or lay-off employees, with no guarantees for when or if they'd be able to bring them back. Now, as businesses come back, job openings are skyrocketing. Here's how the pandemic has changed the job market.

    Shutdowns and Safety

    When government shutdowns forced many businesses to close and employers to let staff go, many weren't sure what a recovery could or would look like. But as the world slowly begins to open back up, it's done so with significant safety measures in place.

    For those who never stopped working, many have been doing so with social distancing practices in place, face masks, and, in many cases, temperature checks before they start working. If you haven't been working, or have been working remotely, you should expect some or all of those safety protocols in place when you start your next job or return to work.

    Virtual Everything

    As most stayed at home, we wanted a way to still be able to see friends and co-workers. There's perhaps no greater example of how virtual our lives became than the massive growth of Zoom. At the end of 2019, the video conferencing platform had nearly 82,000 enterprise customers that have more than 10 employees. By the end of March 2020, the company had grown to 265,400 enterprise customers that have more than 10 employees.

    Moving forward, many jobs will have a virtual component to them, so you should become comfortable using platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Your industry and work may not require much virtual interaction, but there may be times when team leaders need to communicate updates or vital information and choose to do so through one of these platforms. Having experience using video platforms will allow you to be ready when the time comes.

    Different Workforce Needs

    COVID-19 has changed not only the way we work, but also created new opportunities for workers. From customer service reps who can work from home instead of the office to an increased demand for cleaning and sanitation workers to the new role of temperature screener, there could be a new job with both stability and growth potential waiting for you.

    Another area that has experienced massive growth is shipping, distribution, and logistics. With the public transitioning from in-person shopping to online shopping, the supply chain has been put under tremendous stress. There has been an increased need for warehouse workers, delivery drivers, forklift drivers, and truck loaders/unloaders. 

    The New Normal

    Life is unquestionably different, and no one can be sure of when it will return to the normalcy we knew at the beginning of 2020. But the challenges that life brings often come with opportunity. The pandemic we've all been facing could be the chance to start fresh, to begin a new path with a renewed sense of energy and focus. 

    If you're ready and able to re-enter the workforce, there are numerous opportunities in a variety of fields. Now can be the time you take a step forward in your career and show an employer you have the drive and determination to overcome whatever obstacles come your way. 

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