• Using the Strong Economy to Your Advantage

    OKLAHOMA CITY - February 19, 2020




    In 2008, the Great Recession sent not only the U.S. and Canadian economies, but world economies into a tailspin. It was the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression in 1929 and left 8.8 million people unemployed in the U.S. alone.  2-19-2020

    Since 2014 however, the economy recovered and is now at one of its strongest points in history. The current climate favors workers and those looking for work or a career change. Here are three practical steps you can take to use the current strength of the economy to your advantage.

    Network, Network, Network

    The saying in real estate is "location, location, location." For workers, finding a job is usually all about who you know. So, if you want to make the most of the current economy that favors the employee, you need to treat every interaction as a chance to make an impression on a future employer.

    Whether you're talking with a manager from another department, meeting someone at a family cookout, or out at the playground with your kids, the people you meet could be your connection to a job opportunity. Nearly everyone works or has worked in the past, so bringing up the fact that you're considering a change is completely appropriate.

    Learn New Skills

    One of the best ways to make yourself more marketable to potential employers is adding to your catalog of skills. It can be as big as going back to school to learn an entirely new profession, to taking local in-person or online courses that only require a few hours of time. 

    Sites like offer both free and paid options for their classes, which range from the highly technical (UI/UX Design, Web Development, Business Analytics) to more day-to-day life options (Productivity, Personal Finance, Culinary). Or you can research local options through organizations like the YMCA, YWCA, public library, or vocational schools. These can be great options if you learn better in a more structured format with an instructor and classmates you can work with and ask questions.

    Bet On Yourself

    At the end of the day, if you believe it's time to change roles or employers, you'll need the confidence to step out and believe you have what it takes. The current economy favors workers who are willing to bet on themselves and their talent, skills, work ethic, and drive to be successful. 

    Don't let fear of the unknown or change stop you from pursuing more in your work and career. Current projections by economic experts expect the job seeker-friendly climate to continue, but nothing is guaranteed. Now could be the perfect time to find your next great job.

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