Don’t Leave A Pick/Pack Job Off Your Resume

  • Why That Pick/Pack Job Should Be on Your Resume

    OKLAHOMA CITY - December 19, 2019




    How Your Pick/Pack Job Should Be Included on Your Resume 

    In its most basic form, a resume is a marketing document about the subject you should know best - yourself. It tells a potential employer a story about your education, your experience, your strengths, and what you could bring to their organization and specific team.

    What you include on your resume is entirely your choice. But if you're hesitant to include a pick/pack or warehouse job or wonder how including that role can market your skills to an employer in an entirely different industry, here's why you should reconsider.

    Shows Your Knowledge and Adaptability

    You may not immediately recognize the amount of knowledge you gained in your time working in a warehouse or distribution center, but think about the electronic sorting system or other systems you had to learn. The process, knowledge, and expertise you earned from this work is valuable, not just for this industry, but for roles that may seem like they are not related at all.

    These types of jobs are on the front lines of technological innovation in shipping and distribution. It's likely that you had to adapt to changing systems that became more automated to help increase productivity and shipping times. And with those changes, you can know show future employers that you adapt well to and embrace advances and adoption of technology.

    You can also use a role as a pick/pack worker to display your ability to share your knowledge of various sorting systems that could come in handy for an employer looking for candidates with specific knowledge about the system they use or are about to launch.

    Shows Your Stability and Work Ethic

    Your work history proves more than just your knowledge or understanding of an industry or specific job. It shows that you can do a job that will require hard work and a commitment to the team and/or a goal.

    A pick/pack job is no different.

    Having this role on your resume lets a potential employer know that you are comfortable in a role that includes manual labor. And if you spent or have been in that job for more than a year, it shows a potential employer your commitment.

    These roles can also be labor intensive, and that provides the opportunity on your resume to talk about your work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to get a job done.

    Shows Your Attention to Detail

    One of the most important skills needed for a pick/pack job is an acute attention to detail, so including it on your resume is a great way to tell a potential employer about this in-demand skill.

    Being able to monitor and manage the many moving parts that are involved with a role in a warehouse or distribution center shows a hiring manager or future boss that you can keep track of the many details involved in most jobs. But you can't expect them to understand that naturally.

    While you're describing your role, make sure you have specific examples of your ability to concentrate and focus on the details of your work. Talk about the average number of packages or shipments that came through your team each day, or how you worked with teammates to have the lowest processing error rate on the floor during your shift.

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