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  • 5 Ways to Use Your Accounting Degree—Other than Being an Accountant

    OKLAHOMA CITY - November 04, 2019




    Whether you're assessing your career options before graduating with an accounting degree, or you're a vetera 11-4-2019-Accounting-Degree n CPA ready for a change, there are many rewarding jobs where a background in accounting may help you stand out among the pack.

    Financial Planner

    If you're interested in a finance career that's accounting adjacent, a job as a financial planner may be the perfect fit. In addition to a keen understanding of finance, investment, and accounting strategies, a successful financial planner also needs to be great at building interpersonal relationships with clients who trust them to develop strategies to achieve their future financial and retirement goals.

    Forensic Accounting

    A unique specialty within the accounting field, forensic accountants investigate and analyze financial activities and disputes, often in conjunction with legal actions against companies and individuals. In fact, due to the ubiquity of online banking and financial apps, forensic accountants have a bright future as financial criminals continue to find new and creative ways to take advantage of unsuspecting people and businesses.


    If you have an aptitude for mathematics and statistics, an eye for detail, and a knack for critical thinking, a career as an actuary may be right for you. In general, actuaries deal with the assessment and management of risk. From financial institutions to insurance companies to government agencies, there is a broad range of businesses and organizations that employ actuaries to help analyze a wide variety of situations that could open them up to legal, financial, and operational risk. 

    Business Development Manager

    A strategic-thinking, growth-minded individual with training in accounting may find a rewarding career as a business development manager. Business development managers need to be skilled in not only recognizing opportunities for business growth, but also developing strategies to take full advantage of them. Strong communication skills are imperative, and the ability to analyze and explain risk vs. reward propositions are important keys to success in this field.

    Purchasing Manager

    As a purchasing manager, you're not only responsible for the acquisition of goods and services for your company, you also need to be a skilled negotiator in order to secure the best possible prices. Retail and department stores are an obvious choice to start a career as a purchasing manager, but many other types of businesses look for the right person to manage their purchasing activities, including construction companies, school districts, manufacturers, and more.

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