Machine Maintenance Jobs Are In-Demand

  • Machine Maintenance Jobs Are In-Demand

    OKLAHOMA CITY - April 27, 2021




    Machine Maintenance: The Hottest Job in Skilled Trades?

    COVID-19 brought about quite a few changes for businesses and employees. One common theme has been businesses focusing on maintaining their machinery, investing in employees rather than expensive new equipment.  4-28-2021

    This change has put an increased focus on the need for skilled machine maintenance workers across a variety of industries that produce the goods and products we all rely on. Here's how you can land a job in this in-demand field, the type of work you can expect to do, and what you can expect to be paid.

    How to Become a Machine Maintenance Tech

    Because of the technical work involved in being a machine maintenance technician, and the variety of skills often needed in this role, training and education can look different for each person. Some may have a four-year degree or even higher, but most have a high school diploma with continuing education completed through a vocational school or apprenticeship.

    If you have experience as a machine operator or in a maintenance role in a different industry, the transition to machine maintenance could be an easy one. And with the projected growth of the position (6% in the U.S.) and its current demand, it's a switch that could bring increased job stability.

    The Work You'll Do

    If you're interested in two workdays never looking the same, a career in machine maintenance is the right path to take. Because the work involves maintenance on a variety of complex machines, tasks can vary based on the potential problems you identify, and the ongoing maintenance needed to ensure machines are running at peak performance.

    You'll typically be responsible for regular preventive maintenance on the different parts of the company's machinery, including engines, motors, pneumatic tools, and conveyor systems. Using the schematics, operations manuals, and manufacturer's instructions, you'll work to avoid and fix problems with the machinery so that production can continue.

    An eye for detail and the ability to take thorough notes will be key as a maintenance technician as most companies require documentation about the work done to keep machines running smoothly.

    And while keeping current equipment in good shape is a cost-savings for business, more importantly, it helps to create a safe work environment for you and your co-workers.

    Average Pay

    As a machine maintenance technician, the pay range can vary widely based on experience, location, and the level of skill needed for the role. In the U.S., the average salary is just under $50,000 per year, while in Canada the average salary is nearly $53,000.

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