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    Knoxville, TN - August 26, 2021

    Temp Agency in Mascot | Express Employment Professionals Knoxville At the end of an interview, you'll often be asked: "Do you have any questions for us?" It's a crucial point in an interview, and you'll never want to glide past it. At our temp agency, we can connect you with companies in Mascot who are looking for people like you. But we can also provide you with training support, job search tips, and other support to help you succeed.  

    At Express Employment Professionals Knoxville, we realize most job-seekers get stumped when an interviewer asks if they have questions. Here's how to respond and why. 

    3 Crucial Questions and Why You'll Want To Ask Them 

    An interview isn't just a chance for you to sell yourself as a potential hire. It's also a great opportunity to assess if a particular company in Mascot is the right employer for you. From the hiring experts at our temp agency, here are a few questions to ask: 

    • What should the person in this role achieve in their first few months?  More than most questions, this one can cut to the chase and help you understand what this role entails. It can also help you understand if this work will be challenging enough for you, or if it suits your particular skill sets. Finding a job where you can thrive, not stagnate, is always important. 
    • Can you tell me how long you've been with the company?  A company's record of retaining and promoting employees can say a lot about it. Ask follow-up questions, if needed, to find out if your interviewer started in a different position and advanced over time, or if they've been in the same role. All of this is valuable data for you when making a final decision. 
    • How would you describe your company's values? Sometimes, interviewers struggle to describe a workplace's culture. But most people have a clear sense of what their company's values are. With this question, you should get a better sense of the priorities, environment, and overall culture of the workplace. You want to make sure these seem like a good fit for you. 

    Get Career Support From Our Temp Agency in Mascot 

    At Express Knoxville, we don't just want to help you find work-we want you to truly excel in your career. Our temp agency provides support to job-seekers in: 

    • Mascot 
    • Clinton
    • Lake City
    • Knoxville 
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Tap into training resources, job support, and job openings from our temp agency. Job-seekers in Mascot can visit us online or call Express Employment Professionals Knoxville at  (865) 531-1720 for more information.