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  • Express Blog Articles Lakewood, CO What to Wear to Work: The Ultimate Guide Lakewood, CO - 07/28/2022 How you dress for work can say a lot about you as a professional. It is important to dress appropriately for the workplace, but what does that mean exactly?
    Express Blog Articles Lakewood, CO 8 Winning Tips to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Hired Lakewood, CO - 06/22/2022 Landing a job in today's competitive market can be tough. But with the right tools, it's doable. LinkedIn is one of the most important resources for those conducting a job search, and if you make sure your profile is up to par, you'll have a better chance of getting hired.
    Express Blog Articles Lakewood, CO The Top 4 Do’s for Starting a New Office Job Lakewood, CO - 05/25/2022 If you're starting a new job in an office, it can be tough to adjust at first. The environment and the people are all new, and you may not know what is expected of you.
    Express Blog Articles Lakewood, CO The Benefits of Working in a Skilled Trade Lakewood, CO - 04/29/2022 When it comes to finding a job, skilled trade jobs can often be overlooked. However, there are many reasons why skilled trade jobs can be both rewarding and challenging.
    Express Blog Articles Lakewood, CO How to Bounce Back After Being Fired Lakewood, CO - 03/28/2022 If you have been fired from your job, it can be a difficult experience. You may feel like you have let yourself and your family down. It is important to remember that being fired is not the end of the world. There are many things you can do to get through this tough time.