Signs Your Co-Worker Might Be Toxic

  • Signs Your Co-Worker Might Be Toxic

    Lakewood, CO - December 22, 2021

    2021-12 December Employment Center in Lakewood, CO In today's workplace, it can be difficult to avoid toxic co-workers. Chances are you've encountered at least one (if not more) throughout your working career. While they're not necessarily bad people, toxic employees tend to create a miserable work environment for those around them. If you are wondering if you are dealing with a toxic coworker, then read on for these top signs from a job center in Lakewood, CO

    1) They are never positive.  

    Toxic workers are often negative and are always pointing out the flaws in everything and everyone. A positive attitude creates a productive and enjoyable work environment - something that a toxic worker cannot provide. 

    2) They play the victim. 

    Toxic employees love to play the victim card, blaming their mistakes on others. They will often throw co-workers under the bus in order to save themselves from criticism. 

    3) They try to "one up" everyone's work. 

    These toxic employees love nothing more than stealing another person's thunder and proclaiming that they could have done a better job had they been given the opportunity. Smaller, less aggressive signs of this include boasting about successful projects and downplaying others' ideas and accomplishments. 

    4) They always want to be right, no matter what. 

    Toxic employees will do whatever it takes to get their way and these people rarely listen to others' opinions or ideas. They tend to control meetings by throwing out ideas and staying fixated on all of them, regardless of whether the team agrees with their point of view or not. 

    5) They're constantly stirring up drama. 

    In addition to being negative and disruptive, these employees will often be the ones who are always gossiping about co-workers. They actively try to create drama and tension between other workers, which can make for an uncomfortable work environment. 

    If you are experiencing any of these signs in your work environment, then you might want to speak to your manager. But if you've already exhausted all your in-house options, it might be time to find a new position elsewhere. For help with your job search , contact Express Lakewood today!   

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