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    • Choosing a Professional Recruiter in Lakewood

      Lakewood, CO - 07/31/2018

      If you own, operate, or manage a business in Lakewood, an effective professional recruiter can be major a difference maker. Learn the four questions you should be asking in your search for a professional recruiter and learn about staffing solutions from Express Employment Professionals Lakewood.

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    • Short-Term & Long-Term Recruitment Services in Lakewood

      Lakewood, CO - 06/29/2018

      When you're hiring a new employee for your business, it's important that you choose the right candidate. The same is true when you're choosing recruitment services in Lakewood CO. Learn the secret to finding the right recruitment service with Express Employment Professionals Lakewood. 

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    • 4 Solutions to Workforce Staffing Concerns in Lakewood

      Lakewood, CO - 05/21/2018

      In today's hiring market, employers in Lakewood CO need smarter workforce staffing solutions. At Express Employment Professionals Lakewood, our services address employers' most pressing hiring concerns. Learn more about our workforce staffing services and call us today to get started.

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    • Smarter Recruiting Solutions for Lakewood Businesses

      Lakewood, CO - 05/04/2018

      Express Employment Professionals Lakewood is bringing smarter recruiting solutions to Lakewood CO and the Denver metro area. Our recruiting solutions combine proven staffing systems and detailed knowledge of staffing conditions in the Lakewood area. Learn more about our innovative approach to staffing. 

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