How We Fill Job Vacancies in Lansing

  • How We Fill Job Vacancies in Lansing

    East Lansing, MI - October 17, 2019

    Job Vacancies in Lansing | Express Employment Professionals Lansing Job turnover can be costly for any business, but it shouldn't have to be. Whether you're low on time or strapped for resources, you shouldn't have to scramble to find top local hires right away. At Express Employment Professionals Lansing, we're able to fill job vacancies quickly, by finding and matching exceptional local job-seekers to companies like yours. 

    We understand how tough it is for businesses to find and retain great staff. That's especially true in the last few years, when the number of job openings has increased, surpassing the number of potential hires by a substantial margin. We're here to restore the balance and help you find workers that can help your business thrive. 

    3 Ways We Can Bring You Top Local Hires For Job Vacancies in Lansing

    When you have job vacancies, here are three ways that Express Employment Professionals Lansing can help you find hard-working and dedicated individuals to fill those positions: 

    • A competitive talent pool. At Express Employment Professionals Lansing, we always bring you our top picks for any job vacancies you have. One of the ways we do this is by expanding your radius. We recruit local hires in Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett, Webberville, Williamston, and Charlotte, as well as other nearby cities, so you're always getting excellence.  
    • Job candidates who care.  We understand that in order for staff to bring their best game to a job, it's important for them to care. For your job openings , our expert staffing team always vets and matches high-quality job candidates who are excited about the work you do and are eager to contribute.  
    • Our powerful reputation.  We're a local company with a global reputation. Our strong presence on social media, our brand awareness, and our involvement in the local community means we're able to draw job-seekers who trust us to connect them with local companies like yours. 

    Our Recruitment Process at Express Employment Professionals Lansing for Job Vacancies

    At Express Employment Professionals Lansing, we take a rigorous approach to filling job vacancies for any local companies. Our 10-step recruitment process allows us to carefully vet any and all prospective job-seekers to make sure they truly have what it takes to thrive at your company. 

    We also take a additional extra measures to make sure we're bringing you our top picks. With training resources that allow job-seekers to become better candidates, plus our staffing experts' methods for matching potential hires to job openings, we'll find you the dream team for your company.

    Don't let your job vacancies stay open for too long. Call Express Employment Professionals Lansing at (517) 272-4670 to get help finding competitive hires.