Job Skills in Lansing: What to Look For in Potential Hires

  • Job Skills in Lansing: What to Look For in Potential Hires

    East Lansing, MI - December 17, 2019

    Job Skills in Lansing | Express Employment Professionals Lansing As you seek to fill the open positions at your company in the Lansing Tri-County Area, what job skills are you looking for? If you're only focused on a specific set of hard skills like software knowledge and academic credentials, you may miss out on some of the most important job skills for businesses today. With help from Express Employment Professionals Lansing, you can learn soft skills to look for in future hires.

    Why You Should Look for Hard and Soft Job Skills in Lansing

    Hiring new employees always contains an element of risk. Even if they have all the necessary qualifications on paper, how can you tell if they'll integrate well with your existing team, or can take initiative when they need to?

    Many of these uncertainties have to do with an individual's soft skills, which is why it's important to look out for the following qualities in a new hire:

    • Good communication skills - Clear communication helps projects stay on track, reduces the risk of expensive errors, and creates a supportive work atmosphere that draws and retains the best talent. An ideal hire must show they can listen attentively and express themselves in a concise and respectful way. 
    • Effective when working as part of a group - If you're hiring for a team-based role, look for candidates who've shown they can work well with others - especially people with different personalities and perspectives. During interviews, ask potential hires about their experience working within a team and how they've overcome disagreements with past managers or coworkers. 
    • Able to adapt to changes - Whether it's transitioning to a new software system or making do with a smaller budget than expected, a lot can change within a business over time. For long-term success, potential hires have to be able to adapt to shifts in their environment, their duties, and their timelines. 
    • A positive attitude overall - Never underestimate the impact of a positive attitude in a work environment, especially in the face of a big deadline or major transition period. Bringing on new hires who are naturally positive and eager to tackle new challenges can help energize your existing team and keep morale high. 

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