Employment Agency in Longmont: What to Expect with Our Search Process

  • Employment Agency in Longmont: What to Expect with Our Search Process

    Longmont, CO - December 01, 2023
    Employment Agency in Longmont | Express Employment Professionals Longmont

    When we begin searching for professional candidates to meet the staffing needs of local employers, we do so much more than aim to match a list of abilities. We also evaluate a wide range of skills and qualities, from leadership experience to personal strengths and background. When our employment agency has conducted a thorough professional search for your business in Longmont, you can look forward to simply selecting the candidate who is the best fit for your team, all while knowing they have been fully vetted and evaluated. 

    About Our Employment Agency's Search Process

    Every applicant that we evaluate goes through our multiple-step process, which is ISO 9001:2000 certified. This process enables us to find skilled hires with all of the specific qualifications that you've requested. Of course, we not only strive to find applicants who suit the job description, but will also make a great match for your workplace culture.

    Here's what our search process looks like in action:

    • Step 1: We begin by discussing your needs. We will take stock of all of your needs and preferences when it comes to hiring and coordinate with you to determine the best recruitment strategy for your business in the Longmont area.
    • Step 2: We will then review our database. Our employment agency can tap into a deep pool of candidates through our existing contact database to find qualified talent quickly.
    • Step 3: We next match candidates to the position. Once we have narrowed down our search according to skill and experience requirements, we will vet the candidates using a thorough evaluation.
    • Step 4: We conduct additional checks and interviews. To ensure each candidate is up to par, we will perform reference checks and interviews over the phone and in person.
    • Step 5: We present candidates to the employer for a final decision. Once we have a short list of candidates who fit our strict criteria, we will present these top picks to the employer, who will then make the final decision about who they want to hire. 

    We Are Proud to Support the Business Community in Longmont

    Our professional staffing team at Express Employment Professionals Longmont assists businesses in industries as diverse as engineering, human resources, and marketing to ensure their staffing needs are met. You can take advantage of our expertise in:

    • Longmont
    • Boulder
    • Louisville
    • Frederick
    • Lafayette
    • Or a nearby town in the area

    Start benefiting from the services of our employment agency! Simply call Express Employment Professionals Longmont at (303) 678-1608 today.