Signs it is Time for a New Job

  • Signs it is Time for a New Job

    Longview, WA - October 04, 2021

    Employment Agency in Longview, WA Finding a job that challenges you, provides professional growth opportunities, and makes you feel valued is a goal for many people. If you feel like your current job isn't meeting these standards, then perhaps it's time to search for new employment. Employment agency Express Employment Professionals is here with 5 signs that it is time to search for a new job.

    • Sign #1: You Feel Bored

    A lack of challenging projects or responsibilities is often at the root of boredom for most employees. If you've asked your manager to provide you with more stimulating tasks and still feel as if something is missing, then it could be time to find a job that can make you feel more engaged in the workplace.

    • Sign #2: You Feel Replaceable

    People want to feel that their skills and efforts are valued. If you are frequently made to feel underappreciated and like you could easily be replaced within your role, it may be time to seek out employment where you know your experience and talents will be highly regarded.

    • Sign #3: High Turnover Rate of Longtime Employees

    Are you noticing a trend of several long-term employees moving on to other jobs? This could be a sign that even seniority might not guarantee advancement within a company, and it could be beneficial to you to consider seeking out a position where both your experience and loyalty will be appreciated.

    • Sign #4: Negative Workplace Environment

    If you are constantly feeling as if there is an air of negativity surrounding you at work, then this might be an indicator that it's time for a job change. While conflict will inevitably happen, a pattern of stressful situations occurring regularly in your workplace is detrimental to your performance and overall emotional health.  

    • Sign #5: No Career Advancement Opportunities

    If it seems like you've hit the glass ceiling in your position and there are no opportunities available for you to move forward, then looking outside your current company for more promising employment could be the right call for you.

    If these signs have made you realize that your current job isn't the right fit for you, Express Employment in Longview can help with all of your job placement needs!

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