How to Write a Professional Email

  • How to Write a Professional Email

    Medford, OR - November 29, 2021

    2021-11 November Employment Agency in Medford, OR Having professional email etiquette is important regardless of if you are job-searching are already employed. If you are searching for tips on professional email best practices, then a  staffing center in Medford, OR  is here to help!

    Tip #1: Keep It Short 

    Unless you are writing to a good friend or family member, the best way to ensure you keep your email professional is to keep it short and to the point. After your greeting, you want to immediately address your reason for sending your email. For example, if you are responding to a job listing: "After reviewing your posting, I am interested in the position and would like to schedule an interview." Or, if you are reaching out to a supervisor: "I have attached the notes from today's meeting." 

    Tip #2: Proofread 

    Proofreading is one of the most important steps in professional emails. You want to pay close attention to your grammar and spelling, as well as format. Using proper formatting and punctuation will let your readers know that you value their time. 

    Tip #3: Attach Any Requested Documents 

    Many times, in a  job search  situation, you may be asked to attach a resume or references. Do NOT hit send before you have done so. Having to send a follow-up email containing only the requested documents can come off as unprofessional.  

    Tip #4: Always Be Considerate of Other People's Time 

    Taking the time to do your research before reaching out to someone can save you from the embarrassment of emailing the wrong person. For example, emailing the wrong department head when requesting an interview. Also, if you are following up on an earlier email, try to be respectful of your sender's time and give them an update of what has happened since they last heard from you. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be helpful to the person you are writing to. 

    Tip #5: Avoid Acronyms 

    LOL and OMG might be acceptable in text messages with your friends, but they have no place in a professional email. In an email to a supervisor, avoid using emoticons as well. This will help you keep the tone of your email professional. 

    If you use these tips from Express Longview, you can feel confident every time you click send! 

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