Top Keywords to Include in Your Winning Resume

  • Top Keywords to Include in Your Winning Resume

    Medford, OR - March 30, 2023

    2023-03 - Career company in Medford, Oregon

    A resume is one of the most important documents you can have when applying for jobs. It serves as your first impression to potential employers and provides an overview of your skills and qualifications. The words you choose can make or break your resume, so it’s important to select words carefully. Here are a few keywords, compiled by an expert in staffing solutions, that should always be included in any resume.


    This word speaks volumes about your ability to organize and manage multiple tasks at once. It shows that you possess the organizational skills necessary to oversee projects from start to finish, which makes you a great asset to any employer.


    Employers want to know that they are hiring someone who is dedicated and prepared to stay with their organization for an extended period. By including this word in your resume, you demonstrate the commitment and reliability employers look for in potential employees.


    This word indicates that you stay on top of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. It showcases your ability to stay up to date with industry standards and adapt quickly to new developments in the field. This is an important skill for any job seeker looking to make a great impression on potential employers.

    Include Numbers! 

    When describing past job experiences, include numbers whenever possible to show how much impact you had on those roles. This could include the amount of money saved due to a change you implemented or the number of people supervised under your supervision in a past role. Utilizing numbers can help quantify the accomplishments listed on your resume and give prospective employers an idea of how successful you were in earlier roles.

    Your resume should be tailored specifically for each job application, highlighting skills relevant to the position in question while also showing off what makes you unique among other candidates applying for the same job. Remembering these words from your local career company will help ensure that your resume stands out from the pack and increases the chances of landing that dream job! Good luck!

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