How to Responsibly Cancel a Job Interview: Tips and Examples

  • How to Responsibly Cancel a Job Interview: Tips and Examples

    Medford, OR - July 28, 2023

    2023-07 - Employment Center in Medford, Oregon
    If you’ve ever been in a situation where you had to cancel a job interview, you know it can be challenging. However, there are several valid reasons to cancel. Sometimes, something like an illness or a death in the family comes up out of your control. In that situation, canceling the interview responsibly is what matters the most. In this blog post, an HR services expert will give you tips and examples for canceling a job interview without damaging your reputation.

    1. Be mindful of their time  

    It’s important to remember that the hiring manager has set aside time out of their day for the interview. Canceling can cause inconvenience for them, so making sure to let them know within at least 24 hours will give them the chance to fill the gap. Ideally, you should send them an email or give them a call as soon as you know you won’t be attending.

    2. Be genuine  

    When cancelling the interview, it is essential to give an honest explanation. Whether it be a personal emergency or accepting a different job offer, being genuine will earn you more respect. When explaining, you should keep it short and not provide any extra details. Make sure to stay professional.

    3. Express your regret  

    Remember, canceling a job interview means you are missing out on an opportunity. Expressing your regret will help show that you value not only the hiring manager's time but the company’s consideration as well. This is a good way to maintain a positive relationship and ensure you haven’t lost their respect.

    Canceling an interview example: 

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Thank you so much for your consideration of me for the role at your company. I appreciate the time you’ve taken, and I am extremely sorry to say I won’t be able to attend the scheduled interview due to an emergency. I would love to talk about rescheduling if possible.

    I apologize again for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Best Regards,

    Your Name

    Though it can seem challenging, canceling an interview can be done in a responsible way without losing the respect from the company. Just remember to follow these tips from the top-tier employment center. Good luck!

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