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    Express Employment Professionals of the Rogue Valley partners with various medical facilities in Southern Oregon seeking employees to support both their clinical and non-clinical workforce needs. Whether you're looking for more patient-focused roles to positions that are behind-the-scenes, Express can connect you with the perfect healthcare assignment that fits your wants, needs, and skillset. 

    Express has offices in both Medford and Grants Pass, so feel free to contact the office closest to you to learn more and apply today!

  • Medical Administrative Jobs in Medford, Oregon

    Examples of our Most Common
    Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

    • Patient Support Representative  
    • Medical Receptionist  
    • Billing Specialist  
    • Medical Scheduler  
    • Patient Transport  
    • Patient Registration  
    • Switchboard Operator  
    • Housekeeping Services  
    • Food and Nutrition Services  
    • Equipment Cleaning Techs
  • Light Industrial Non-Clinical Jobs in Medford-Grants Pass, OR

    Examples of our Most Common
    Clinical Healthcare Jobs

    • Registered Nurse (RN)
    • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
    • Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    • Patient Care Technician (PCT)
    • Surgical Assistant (CSA)
    • Nursing Assistant (CNA)
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  • What types of work can you get with Express?


    The first of our healthcare job types is known as Per-Diem, or "per day". When you take on one of these jobs, it means that your state of employment, as well as compensation, will be on a day-to-day basis instead of a full-time one. Clinicians who work Per-Diem positions generally serve as fill-ins when the full-time employees are absent. As a Per-Diem clinician, you will most likely work on an on-call basis with irregular shifts. One of the benefits of working as a Per-Diem clinician is that you can choose whether you want to accept or deny assignments based off of your personal schedule. This leads Per-Diem assignments to be the most flexible of the lot.


    Clinicians who work on a contractual basis can be placed in positions anywhere in the Rogue Valley for as little as four weeks to as many as 26 depending on our client's needs. This can be a great way to get experience at many different hospitals as well as many different departments, all without the full commitment of a traditional full-time position. 

    Direct Hire

    These openings are permanent/full-time and are usually core positions in our clients staff. As one of the Rogue Valley's leading staffing agencies, we can grant those looking for permanent placement access to our extensive network of top-tier healthcare employers, along with providing you assistance with salary negotiations, resume building, interview tips, and more.