How to Get a Job in Medford: 4 Interview Tips

  • How to Get a Job in Medford: 4 Interview Tips

    Medford, OR - November 19, 2019

    How to Get a Job in Medford | Express Employment Professionals Medford To find out how to get a job in Medford or Grants Pass, you need to brush up on the basics - like how to prepare for a job interview. Even if you've been to plenty of interviews already, there's always more you can learn about interview prep. At Express Employment Professionals Medford, we've described a few important steps you can take to make your interviews go more smoothly. 

    No job interview will be exactly the same, but they usually follow a similar pattern. With these tips, you can build your confidence and present yourself in the best light to employers:

    • Learn about the company itself and the industry as a whole - Check out the company's website to learn more about what they do and how they distinguish themselves in the industry. What is their mission statement? What image do they want to project? How are they different from their competitors?
    • Do some research on your interviewer(s) - If you know who you will be speaking with, take some time to look up their professional social media profiles. Look for aspects of their background that you can connect with during your interview. Make note of the qualities they seem to value most. 
    • Reread the job posting and your resume - It's easy to forget some specific details in a job posting, especially if you've been applying for multiple positions. Review the job description alongside your resume so you know what experience to emphasize during your interview. 
    • Consider some routine interview questions and how you would respond - What would you say if an interviewer asked you to tell them about yourself? What reason would you give for why you want to work at the company you applied to? Think back to what you've been asked at interviews in the past and devise some possible responses. You should keep your answers short and sweet, with a few specific highlights that convey who you are and what you can do. 

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