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    Mentor, OH - June 06, 2022

    Employment Services in Willoughby | Express Employment Professionals of Mentor, OH Are you thinking about making a career change by switching employers? If resigning from your current job or completely changing occupations is constantly on your mind, you're not alone. Many Americans are fuelling a phenomenon that is known as the Great Resignation as they quit their jobs in an effort to find a more suitable work situation. You can find support with making a career change when you get started with the employment services in Willoughby provided by Express Employment Professionals of Mentor, OH. We will connect you with employers in your local area who have job openings to fill that meet your preferences. Moreover, we'll help ensure your career change is a smooth transition.

    What's Propelling the Great Resignation? 

    As the "quit rate" across the nation reaches a twenty-year high, many are wondering about the main factors behind the Great Resignation and Americans' willingness to leave their jobs. The Pew Research Center has even conducted an entire study on this phenomenon. Through a survey of thousands of non-retired Americans, including hundreds who have quit a job in the past year, the study was able to uncover important information about the Great Resignation.

    Those who resigned from a job in 2021 reported the following as contributing to their decision to make a change in their professional situation: 

    • Pay concerns.  Close to two-thirds claimed low pay as a reason for their departure.
    • A lack of opportunities.  Opportunities for advancement are clearly important to Americans, as over 60% of this sector of respondents reported the lack of potential promotions as one of the reasons they left their former employer.
    • Frustration with disrespect.  Disrespect on the side of employers is no longer being tolerated by many workers, as more than half claimed this was one of the reasons they quit.

    Our Employment Services in Willoughby Can Help You Find Better Work 

    If any of the above factors describe your current employment situation, our employment services can help you make an improvement with ease. We provide free career development resources and customized job placements for job seekers who want to work in:

    • Willoughby
    • Mentor
    • Painesville
    • Middlefield
    • Perry
    • And nearby towns in the area

    Getting started with our employment services in Willoughby is simple. Call (440) 571-5185 today to learn more about what Express Employment Professionals of Mentor, OH can do to help you make a career change!