Signs it is Time for a New Job

  • Signs it is Time for a New Job

    Mesa, AZ - October 11, 2021

     Employment Center in Mesa AZ The main career goal for many is to find a position where they feel valued, challenged, and have opportunities for professional growth. Do you feel as if your current job might not be checking any of these "goal" boxes for you? Then your local employment agency  Express Employment Professionals is here with 4 signs that a job-hunt might be in your future. 

    • Sign #1: You're Bored 

    Have projects at work stopped challenging you? If you've already tried asking your manager for more stimulating tasks, but it still seems as if something is "missing," then it could be time to dust off your resume and start searching for a new position. 

    • Sign #2: You're Not Getting Enough Sleep  

    Getting a good night's rest is integral to your overall health. If you're constantly heading to your job feeling drained because you're having a hard time calming your mind enough to sleep at night or frequently waking up stressing about how you're going to tackle problems at work the next day, it could be your body's way of telling you that your current position is bad for your overall health.  

    • Sign #3: You're Noticing a Trend in Talented Employees Leaving 

    When you start noticing long-term or talented employees voluntarily leaving their positions to find employment elsewhere, it could mean that seniority doesn't promise advancement within your company or that your company has not been willing to provide wages that match talent levels.   

    • Sign #4: Your Role Remains the Same 

    Ensuring that employees grow within their positions should be the main goal of every company. You should gain experience by tackling new responsibilities, and if you realize that you've been in the same role with the same assignments for quite some time, it might be beneficial to you to either speak with your manager on this topic or search for better opportunities at a different company. 

    Have you noticed any of these signs in your current position? If you're ready to find a new job, then contact Express in Mesa for staffing assistance  today! 

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