5 Tips on Professional Email Etiquette

  • 5 Tips on Professional Email Etiquette

    Mesa, AZ - November 29, 2021

    2021-11 November Employment Agency in Mesa, AZ From emailing prospective employers requesting that they consider you for an open position to reaching out to managers with notes from a recent meeting, professional email etiquette is key! If you are looking for tips on how to write concise, polite, and grammatically correct emails, then an  employment agency in Mesa, AZ  is here! 

    Tip #1: Subject Line 

    When composing an email or reaching out to a professional, always include a subject line. This will make it easier for the person receiving your message to quickly find and identify the information you're sending. 

    Tip #2: Clarity and Brevity 

    When addressing your recipient, be clear and concise. Do not write long emails with no formatting. Doing so is not only time-consuming for you, but also tedious and boring. Try to keep your emails focused with one singular purpose in mind. 

    Tip #3: Proofread 

    Ensuring that your email is free of typos will make you look prepared and polished. Professional emails are concise documents made up of clearly thought-out sentences, proper grammar, and no spelling errors. It is crucial that you proofread your email before sending it to ensure that everything is in its place! 

    Tip #4: Maintain a Professional Tone 

    A professional tone is the key to emailing a superior, colleague, or hiring manager. Be polite and thoughtful with your language. Make sure that you do not use slang, smiley faces, emoticons, etc. Remember that what you think is funny or sarcastic may come across as childish or unprofessional! 

    Tip #5: Include Requested Attachments 

    If you are emailing your resume to a prospective employer or a project file to an important client, be sure to attach it. If you end up having to send a second follow-up email you could appear unreliable, which is not a reputation that will help you succeed in your career. 

    If you utilize these tips from a local  staffing center , then your emails will be seen as helpful, concise, and polished and you will never have to stress before clicking the "send" button.  

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