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  • How to Completely Unplug from Work and Recharge on Your Vacation

    Mesa, AZ - January 06, 2023

    Recruitment Company in Mesa, AZ - Express EmploymentWe all know the feeling of coming back from a much-needed vacation only to find that work has piled up. To genuinely enjoy your time away, it’s important to set boundaries and make sure you’re fully disconnected from work. Here are three tips from a leading recruitment company to help ensure that your vacation is restorative, not stressful.

    Set an Out-of-Office Email 

    Nothing kills a good mood like an email notification dinging in your inbox every few hours. Before you leave for vacation, set up an out-of-office message so that people contacting you know they won’t get an answer until after your return date. Also, consider setting up auto-replies on all accounts other than your primary email address, such as LinkedIn or Twitter DM notifications. That way, if someone tries to contact you through those channels, they won't be expecting a response right away.

    Set Boundaries with Your Co-workers 

    When the last day before vacation rolls around, it can be easy to get swamped with last-minute requests or projects that need finishing before you go. To avoid this stress, set boundaries with co-workers and colleagues before leaving for vacation—let them know what needs to be done before you leave and what will have to wait until after your return date. This way, everyone knows what to expect, and there won't be any surprises when you come back from vacation.

    Stay Proactive 

    Prevent a stressful return from vacation by taking some initiative ahead of time! A little extra work now can save you hassle later, so consider tackling tomorrow's tasks today.

    By following these tips from your local employment agency, you'll be able to truly unplug from work, recharge your batteries, and return feeling refreshed and energized! By setting out-of-office emails, establishing boundaries with co-workers before leaving, and doing some extra work ahead of time, when possible, anyone can ensure a more restorative vacation experience.

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