Showing Integrity on Your Cover Letter

  • Showing Integrity on Your Cover Letter

    Mesa, AZ - February 01, 2023

    2023-02 February - Job Opportunities in Mesa Arizona

    When applying for a job, it’s important to show that you can be trusted and have moral standards that align with the company’s values. Your cover letter is an opportunity to share personal stories and experiences that demonstrate your integrity. Here are three ways to prove your integrity in your cover letter from a leading career company in Mesa, Arizona.

    Make Use of Quantifiable Achievements 

    One of the best ways to show employers that you’re trustworthy is by showcasing quantifiable accomplishments in past roles. Examples could include saving the company money, reducing errors in processes, or completing projects within budget. Employers need people they can trust to get the job done right, so make sure you have some examples of how you have been successful in prior positions.

    Share Awards You Have Received 

    If you’ve received awards or acknowledgments from peers or supervisors, be sure to mention them in your cover letter. This shows employers that your peers and superiors recognize your character and respect your work ethic. Even if you haven’t won any awards, mentioning any positive performance reviews can also serve as a testament to your integrity and work ethic.

    Demonstrate Your Values Through Personal Stories 

    Personal stories are an effective way to demonstrate your values without being too preachy or self-righteous. For instance, if volunteering is something you take pride in, feel free to explain why it matters to you personally and how it has shaped who you are today as a professional. If applicable, explain how these activities have made you a better employee in past positions or taught you valuable lessons in past job opportunities about problem-solving or working with others.

    Your cover letter offers a chance for job seekers to showcase their integrity to potential employers. Make sure you make use of quantifiable achievements, share any awards or acknowledgments from peers, and demonstrate your values through personal stories. Doing so can prove to employers that you are a reliable, honest, and trustworthy candidate.

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