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  • Muriel Myers
    Muriel Myers

    Professional and Skilled Trades Specialized Recruiter

    Muriel joined Express Employment Professionals in 2014 as a General Labor Employment Specialist with 30 years of experience in Sales. Since then, she has become our Professional & Skilled Trades Contract and Search Specialist.

    Muriel started her career in sales as the first woman to be hired at KJUG in '88 as an Outside Sales Rep. This opportunity launched her into being the first woman hired at another company, Caskey Paper Company! As a forerunner for women in the workplace, she has blazed the trail proving that women can be strong performers. She also worked as a Job Developer at CSET just before joining the Express team.

    Muriel has been married to the love of her life for 32 years with 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

    In her free time, you will either find her serving as the Hospitality Director at the Covenant of Peace, International Church at the Olive Plant, or grabbing dinner with her friends at Chili's. 


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    Kristan Bradley

    Office Services and Skilled Trades Recruiter

    Kristan joined our Fresno office in September 2021 after returning to the Central Valley where her career journey began. 

    Porterville was never the same after Kristan Bradley was born! As a young girl, she wanted to be a rock star. With her hairbrush microphone in hand, she performed the best ballads of the late Michael Jackson and New Kids on the Block. Her collection of radios grew with each birthday as her passion for music and performance continued. You can see this little performer come out in her random dancing outbursts or sing-song in the office! 

    Her break into the customer service world unfolded at none other than Anchor Blue in 2002. After that job between high school and college, Kristan joined the Eagle Mountain Casino team as a prep cook and loved it because she was able to channel her inner rockstar and jam out to music with her headphones on while chopping tomatoes. 

    Taking a leap, Kristan spent the next 15 years working in San Francisco in the Food and Beverage industry where she simultaneously earned a degree in Graphic Design and had her sweet daughter. She met her wonderful husband of 10 years, Angel while working at the Rainforest Cafe as lead server and then moving into Sales & Marketing. 

    Kristan later earned Manager of the Year in 2015 working at Renaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek where she racked up her experience with conducting interviews, job fairs, and recruiting.

    2018 brought her family to Portland, Oregon where she worked as the Print Manager at Documart Printing and later returned to Fresno in 2020!

    In her free time, you might catch her having therapy sessions with her plants or doing fun girly things with her daughter. 

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    Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    Skilled Trades Recruiter

    Mike Murphy is a specialized recruiter who works with skilled tradespeople to help them grow, develop, and advance their career.

    He spent 15 years in the coaching industry with an emphasis on motivation and personal development, his main focus here at Express is to help people secure opportunities to take their life to the next level.

    Mike graduated from Fresno Pacific University in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration. Aside from owning and operating his own business for 8 years, he has developed skillsets in various areas of expertise such as content and multimedia creation, Event organization and management, and mentorship. 

    Mike has a passion for life, adventure, pursuing opportunities, and helping others thrive. When not on the clock you can find Mike riding his bike, playing golf, and standing behind the grill and in the kitchen. He enjoys spending most of his free time with his family, fiancée Erica, daughters Crystal, Jazmin, and Destiny, and his son Jimmy. 


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    Andria Ransom
    Andria Ransom

    Office Services and Professional Specialized Recruiter

    Andria joined Express in March of 2021 as a Front Office Coordinator. After just six weeks, she grew into the Offices Services recruiter position, and shortly after that absorbed the Office Services - Professional desk. She has been blowing us away with her resiliency and willingness to grow in her position and was awarded Express' Rookie of the Year in 2022! Andria is one of the top Specialized Recruiters out of several hundred in the Express Pros family.

    In high school, Andria was living out her dreams to become a web designer and evolved into a computer geek - building websites and teaching herself how to code. Before having kids in her twenties, she spent four years working as a Purchasing Clerk at the Tachi Palace.

    After eight years of being a stay-at-home mom raising her two beautiful children, Andria returned to work at the King's County Superior Court as a Criminal and Traffic Clerk in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic ended her new job and shortly after that she applied with Express and hasn't looked back.

    Andria and her wonderful husband have spent the past 12 years raising their kids, going on food tours in Las Vegas, and cutting each other to ribbons with their humor.

    In the very little free time Andria has, you can find her baking the most delicious cookies, reading a good book, or trying new food.

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    Kaitlin Benigni

    Light Industrial Recruiter

    Kaitlin joined the Express team in 2020 when her profession as a hairdresser was put on pause. After 10 years of styling hair, she became an administrative assistant in our office and since has grown into her position as one of our light industrial recruiters. With very little experience in the field, Kaitlin has gone beyond our expectations in her ability to run her desk. She loves placing people at jobs that they enjoy and sees the need to tailor a person's interests to their position - just like you would tailor a haircut to a person's features. She is thankful for the perspective and insight her job has given her into the lives of others.


    Kaitlin has been married to her husband for 8 years, together for 10. On the weekends, you will see her making plans for her property remodel, or taking one of her three children to BMX, dance classes, or girl scouts.


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