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    Choosing our Express Employment Professionals as your preferred job agency in Anaheim means you are deciding to start a fruitful relationship with an experienced team of staffing experts who help local Employers hire Associates - but our services don't stop there! We also have the means to provide you with career development services that will help you pick up new skills and increase your chances of being hired for any of the jobs in Anaheim we recruit for!

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    As long as there are companies operating in Orange County, there are job opportunities to be discovered and filled - it's simply an issue of narrowing down the ones that are most ideal for you. Express Anaheim has been doing just that since 2007, having built up a network of our community’s finest entrepreneurs so that our Job Seekers have the very best employment opportunities in Anaheim to choose from. We are accomplished employment specialists that care, and will be by your side the whole way through your journey to finding employment - from the minute you get a hold of us and request our services, to your first days at your new place of employment in Anaheim.

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    Don’t let locating your next job opportunity a bigger struggle than it needs to be! Express Anaheim has 10 years of experience aiding local Job Seekers with all kinds of unique wants, needs, and skill sets, gain work in Orange County. From joining the workforce for the very first time, to changing professions, to looking for something short term to supplement your current income – Express Anaheim has the means to help you get to work!

    At Express, our employment availabilities extend out over multiple industries with an assortment of assignment types, including Short-Term, Long-Term, Temporary, Direct Hire, Evaluation Hire, and Contract. If you are not interested in a job that you are picked for, do not feel compelled to accept it. We regularly procure new job possibilities so if you feel that an offer is not the best one for you, do not hesitate to inform us. We have plenty of options for you, and together we will go through them and find the one that’s works for you. Our team is devoted to our Job Seekers, and putting in the work and time to make sure you get into your preferred workforce is our priority.

  • Some of Express Anaheim's Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What kinds of fields of work does your office hire for?

    Express Anaheim recruits job candidates that can operate in any one of these 3 fields:

    • Office Services
    • Light Industrial
    • Professional

    What kind of employment possibilities do you have?

    Express Anaheim has created a sizable network of trustworthy companies within several up and coming industries, all over Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, La Habra, Orange, Placentia and Yorba Linda. By doing so, we have a variety of clients who are hiring that you probably would not know about if you were looking for work on your own or with another agency. To help you identify which of these assignments is your best option, our team will have you go through our four-step hiring process to ensure that your skills, availabilities, and other requirements for work are factored in. 

    Do your Associates receive employee benefits?

    They most certainly do! You can find a detailed list of benefits and compensation packages on our Employee Benefits page!

    I completed my online application, but why was I never contacted for an interview? 

    One of our teams most important objectives is to make high quality job placements for every prospective Associate that walks through our office doors. Unfortunately, we are not always able to achieve this goal. As jobs in Anaheim come in, we aim to make matches for the most pressing opportunities and then go from there. If we were to bring you in for an interview, but the job won't be available for another month or so, at least, we risk waiting your time and getting your hopes up, and that is something our team at Express does not want for you. Your time is important to us and we appreciate your patience. While you wait for our call, we suggest you check our website for updates and consider using any of the free resources and informative tools we offer, like our career development resources and Job Genius newsletter.

    Why haven't I heard from anyone in your office?

    Rest assured, we have not forgotten you! Our Express team assists a lot of employment seekers with getting job placements in Anaheim. For us to make fast and ideal connections between Job Seekers and these jobs, we have to start with our most pressing job openings and work on from there. If you are still seeking employment, help us in helping you by calling our office and reconfirming your availability!

    If you have any questions or concerns that have not been resolved in this section, visit our FAQs page for a more detailed list. 

  • Guiding you to your ideal employment opportunity is our focus.

    We never charge our Job Seekers for the employment services we provide. The owners of the businesses we hire for are the only ones involved that are charged a fee, and that is only after you have successfully entered their workforce!

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