Find a Job in North Nashville: Tips for Cover Letting Writing

  • Find a Job in North Nashville: Tips for Cover Letting Writing

    Nashville, TN - February 11, 2021

    Find a Job in North Nashville | Express Employment Professionals Nashville North If you're trying to find a job in north Nashville, your cover letter writing abilities will be important. With a strong cover letter, you can make a solid first impression and stand apart from other applicants.

    Unsure how to write a top-notch cover letter? At Express Employment Professionals Nashville North, we know what kinds of qualities employers are looking for in a great cover letter. Below, we've compiled five cover letter tips you can use to impress hiring managers and find a job you love.

    Find a Job with a Stronger Cover Letter

    1. Write a Fresh Letter for Each Job. When you're writing multiple cover letters, it's okay to reuse certain phrases or sentences. But it's important to personalize the main content of each letter. If you write a generic, fill-in-the-blanks cover letter, you'll lose the chance to talk about what makes you such a uniquely strong candidate.

    2. Research the Company & Position. The easiest way to personalize your cover letters is to research the company and the position. This way, you can showcase the specific skills and qualities that make you a strong fit for this role. For example, you can talk about how your values align with the company's, or how you'll be able to harness your skillset for specific job responsibilities.

     3. Avoid Repeating Your Resume. There will usually be some overlap between your resume and cover letter. But it's important that you're not just repeating yourself. Try to include new information (like why you're passionate about this opportunity) or give added depth to the items in your resume (like showing how your skills will translate to this new role).

    4. Use "Business Casual" Language. A cover letter doesn't need to contain stuffy language or long, multi-syllable words. In fact, it's usually better to write simple and straightforward sentences. Clear communication is a more valuable skill than a big vocabulary for practically any job.

    5. Keep It Short. Hiring managers appreciate short, to-the-point cover letters. Aim for 250 words, and whatever you do, make sure your letter fits on one page.

    Find Jobs in Nashville with Express

    In addition to helping improve your cover letters, our team makes it easier to find a job in north Nashville.

    We are always searching for hardworking, qualified applicants to fill open positions with local employers. We can help you find a job in an office, commercial, or industrial job in:

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    Find a job in north Nashville with Express Employment Professionals Nashville North! Apply online to get started or call us at (615) 313-3690 to learn more!