Our Recruiting Company in North Nashville: Tips For Remote Interviewing

  • Our Recruiting Company in North Nashville: Tips For Remote Interviewing

    Nashville, TN - December 07, 2020

    Our Recruiting Company in North Nashville | Express Employment Professionals Nashville North As more businesses rely on video platforms to conduct work, remote interviews are becoming common, too. At Express Employment Professionals Nashville North, our recruiting company helps businesses stay on top of hiring trends. We make it easier to consistently attract top candidates in North Nashville. Our team can help your business, too. 

    Remote interviewing is changing the way companies look for new talent. Without the logistics of an in-person meeting, it's easier to increase the number of interviews you conduct or to streamline the way these conversations go. Here are a few ways to bring out the best in your interviews. 

    How To Find Top Talent With Remote Interviewing 

    At our recruiting company, we hold video interviews with candidates in North Nashville and the surrounding region. More than anything, it's important for both candidates and interviewers to feel comfortable and confident during this process. Here are a few tips for making that happen: 

    • Prepare all of your tech. It only takes a few minutes to run a tech check, but it's a crucial step. You don't want to be troubleshooting your audio or setting up your webcam as an interview is starting. 
    • Don't skip the small talk.  Don't jump straight into your interview questions. Give prospective candidates a chance to relax and get comfortable. Stick to a few strong conversation starters for some pre-interview small talk. 
    • Get ready for distractions. It's important to minimize the potential for tech problems or other distractions, but be prepared for them to happen anyway. You don't want to appear stressed or frazzled by these, if possible. 
    • Keep an eye on body language.  With a video interview, there's a greater dependence on non-verbal cues like eye contact or nodding. Make sure your body language is strong, clear, and positive.  

    How Our Recruiting Company in North Nashville Can Help 

    With our recruiting company, you remove cost, stress, and uncertainty from the hiring process. With a dedicated team of employment professionals, we're able to precisely target quality candidates in: 

    • North Nashville
    • Cumberland Gardens 
    • Buena Vista
    • Nashville
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Our recruiters handle it all, from the initial job posting to the final candidate selection. Whether you're seeking entry-level hires or top management professionals, we take care of hiring, so you can focus on running your business. 

    Find top talent in North Nashville with our recruiting company. To get started, just give Express Employment Professionals Nashville North a call at  (615) 313-3690 .