How to Get a Job in Cincinnati: 4 Interview Tips

  • How to Get a Job in Cincinnati: 4 Interview Tips

    Cincinnati, OH - December 06, 2019

    How to Get a Job in Cincinnati | Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati Are you trying to figure out how to get a job in Cincinnati? These days, the job market feels more competitive than ever, so it's important to learn how to make yourself stand out from the pack - both on your resume and in person. To help you distinguish yourself during your next job interview, the team at Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati have come up with a few simple interview tips.

    The following advice can help increase your preparedness, boost your confidence, and help you make the right first impression when you meet a possible employer face to face:

    • Brush up on the company - Even if you think you're very familiar with a company, there is always more to learn from their online presence. Look up their website, their social media, and any recent news coverage to make sure you're in the know about their background, their offerings, and any big developments. 
    • Learn more about your interviewer - Do you have the name of the person (or people) you'll be speaking with? If so, you can find out more about their background by searching for their LinkedIn profile. Depending on their role, there may also be a small bio on the company website. Taking this step can help you establish their skill set and interests. You may also learn something that helps you form a genuine connection with them. 
    • Brainstorm routine questions and what you might say in response - Your interviewer will most likely ask you a few questions you've heard before, like what you've accomplished, why you're drawn to their company, or how you've overcome challenges on the job. Try to draft a response to these questions that you can refer to during your interview, but don't treat them as a script. Instead, think of them as a helpful jumping off point.
    • Be yourself - Look for ways to introduce your personality into an interview, and don't try to present yourself as anything but the best version of you. 

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