Jobs Agency in Cincinnati: How We Can Help Minimize Turnover

  • Jobs Agency in Cincinnati: How We Can Help Minimize Turnover

    Cincinnati, OH - October 08, 2019

    Jobs Agency in Cincinnati | Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati At Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati, we know that one of the biggest drains on your bottom line is turnover. The cost of hiring and training new employees is significant. Minimizing turnover reduces those costs and creates greater overall value as employees build loyalty to the company. Did you know a jobs agency, like Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati, can help your company reduce turnover?

    Avoiding Turnover with a Jobs Agency

    The cost of replacing an employee often runs up to 150% of that employee's salary. With such a significant expense on the line, minimizing turnover should be a top priority. Unfortunately, it can hard to be proactive about turnover when you are swamped with other daily responsibilities. But with the help of our jobs agency, we can help you curtail this expense and grow a happy, vibrant, and long-lasting workforce.

    When you use our jobs agency to help fill open positions, we'll help by:

    • Understanding the roles that need to be filled. By truly understanding the role that needs to be filled, we can ensure we are searching for the right people. Everything from the corporate culture to the skills needed for each open position will affect the candidates we bring to your attention. When you hire the right people for the job, it is easier to retain them.
    • Careful vetting of all candidates.  One of the most time consuming tasks for a hiring manager is to cull through resumes and applications to determine which candidates are the best to move along the process. By passing this job to us, you'll free up time for other important tasks. Additionally, we have a thorough vetting and skills assessment process that allows us to bring only the best, most qualified candidates to your attention.
    • Reduce hiring times.  One of the biggest benefits of using our jobs agency is that you can reduce the time it takes to fill open positions. You have a full plate of responsibilities and tasks. Our team is focused 100% on filling your open positions. We have a large and strong network of job seekers we can tap into to fill open positions. We'll do all the leg work so all you have to do is make the final decision and begin the on boarding process.

    Get Started Today

    When you have open positions to fill, Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati is your trusted resource for top quality candidates. Let us help you quickly fill open positions, minimizing the time and costs turnover can have on your business.

    Call Express Employment Professionals Northwest Cincinnati today at (513) 457-4448 to get started with our jobs agency. We proudly serve businesses and job seekers in Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg, IN, Harrison, OH, and communities in the surrounding areas.