Employment Services in The Bronx

  • Employment Services in The Bronx

    Long Island City, NY - June 27, 2022

    Employment Services in The Bronx | Express Employment Professionals Queens The COVID-19 pandemic has had surprising effects on the job market in the United States, especially within the last year. While the first wave of the pandemic set off an initial spiral of job losses, the labor market later tightened thanks to what is now considered the Great Resignation. Across the country, Americans are looking for jobs that are more highly paid, offer greater flexibility, and include opportunities for advancement. If you're finding it difficult to hire quality candidates in these new conditions, our employment services can develop customized workforce solutions for your business in the The Bronx or a nearby community. 

    Why Are Workers Leaving Their Jobs?

    In addition to helping you build a high-quality team in the current job market, Express Employment Professionals Queens can also assist you with understanding what's driving the Great Resignation. Thanks to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the early months of 2021, it is now clearer than ever why Americans are making the decision to resign from their jobs. Some of the findings of this research study are as follows:

    • Workers are increasingly dissatisfied with low pay.  Almost two out of three of those who left a job last year reported low pay as one of the reasons they made the decision to quit.
    • Many workers are unwilling to put up with a disrespectful employer.  A lack of respect in the workplace also contributed to many resignations last year, as over half of respondents who quit in 2021 noted this factor as playing a role in their ultimate resignation.
    • Scheduling flexibility is important to today's workforce.  Almost 50% of the respondents who resigned last year included a lack of scheduling flexibility as one of their reasons for leaving.

    How Our Employment Services in The Bronx Can Help Your Business

    If you're wondering how you can possibly attract high-quality candidates in today's labor market, Express Employment Professionals Queens can help. Our employment services can enable you to make hires with ease. We will gather crucial information about what you're looking for in recruits and get to know your company culture. Then, we'll do the work of bringing the best candidates to you.

    We are proud to work with companies across the local community, including those located in:

    • The Bronx
    • Queens
    • South Brooklyn
    • And nearby towns in the area

    Reach out to Express Employment Professionals Queens today at (917) 832-6081 to get started with our employment services in The Bronx or a neighboring area.