Professional Recruiters in Queens

  • Professional Recruiters in Queens

    Long Island City, NY - July 22, 2022

    Professional Recruiters in Queens | Express Employment Professionals Queens Hiring can be a complex process. When you need to fill open positions quickly, you may wonder how you can make this process more efficient. Partnering with a professional recruiter is the best way to staff your company with the workers you need on a schedule that meets your requirements. At Express Employment Professionals Queens, we offer customized staffing solutions for local businesses in different industries. Whether you want to hire temporary workers for seasonal projects or you need to fill core long-term positions, you can rely on us to bring you excellent candidates.

    Avoid a Long Hiring Process With a Professional Recruiter

    When companies in the Queens area opt to find candidates on their own without the help of a professional recruiter, they often find that they waste time and other precious resources. Some of the many steps that make this process so lengthy are as follows:

    • Getting up to date with the local job market.  Researching the labor market in your industry and local area will be necessary to understand the current demands of candidates. 
    • Writing up a job description and putting it in the right places.  You may find it difficult to write up a job description that high-quality candidates are sure to notice and respond to.
    • Reading through countless applications.  The next time-consuming step involves scouring applications to identify the applicants that should be interviewed.
    • Conducting interviews with candidates.  To narrow down the applicant pool further, you'll need to interview candidates and evaluate their experience level.
    • Extending an attractive offer.  Once you determine which candidate you'd like to hire, you must act quickly to propose an offer they'll accept.

    Get Started With a Professional Recruiter in Queens

    The good news is that you can skip the time-consuming hiring process by working with a professional recruiter. At Express Employment Professionals Queens, our expertise lies in connecting growing businesses with the right candidates for their unique needs. Our workforce solutions can be customized according to your ongoing hiring requirements, and we will ensure employees are screened and evaluated according to the specifications of the job.

    Companies in the following communities can benefit from our support with hiring:

    • Queens
    • The Bronx
    • South Brooklyn
    • And nearby towns in the area

    Reach out to Express Employment Professionals Queens today at (917) 832-6081 to experience the difference a professional recruiter can make in your hiring process!