Professional Recruiters in South Brooklyn

  • Professional Recruiters in South Brooklyn

    Long Island City, NY - September 21, 2022

    Professional Recruiters in South Brooklyn | Express Employment Professionals Queens The process of recruiting new employees involves the many steps required to bring in top talent for open positions at your company and help ensure they stay on board for the long run. Many local businesses struggle with this process because of its time-consuming nature. However, rushing recruitment can result in poor hires being made, leading to increased turnover. To improve efficiency when hiring without running the risk of making the wrong hires and losing employees prematurely, turn to our professional recruiters for experienced support with recruiting in South Brooklyn.

    Understanding What Makes Hiring and Recruiting So Time-Consuming

    It's no question that many companies find hiring and recruiting to be labor-intensive and time-consuming. When you lack an extensive HR team that can dedicate their time and energy to managing hiring-related tasks, you may find that this process starts to place a significant strain on your business, especially if you're unable to make the hires that you need.

    Some of the time-consuming steps you may encounter along the way are:

    • Writing up an eye-catching job description.  Defining the job you need filled while ensuring the posting is as attractive as possible is often a challenging first step for businesses.
    • Sifting through unqualified applicants.  You're sure to receive a significant portion of applications from candidates who aren't right for the job, and weeding these out requires not only a sharp eye, but a lot of time.
    • Scheduling and participating in interviews.  Interviews are a necessity, but they can also take up huge chunks of your schedule.
    • Negotiating the terms of the job offer.  The candidate you ultimately select may make certain demands that require a longer negotiation period than you expected.

    Our Professional Recruiters in South Brooklyn Make Recruiting More Efficient

    Don't let the intensity of the hiring process catch you by surprise the next time you need to fill an open role at your business. Instead, place your workforce needs in the experienced hands of our professional recruiters. The team at Express Employment Professionals Queens is ready to identify the right candidates for the role that are a great fit for your company's unique culture. Moreover, we can significantly reduce the time you spend on this process while improving your retention rate.

    You can turn to us to help simplify your hiring process in:

    • South Brooklyn
    • Queens
    • The Bronx
    • Or a nearby town in the area

    Give our professional recruiters at Express Employment Professionals Queens a call today at (917) 832-6081 to learn more about what we can do for your business in South Brooklyn.