Professional Recruiters in The Bronx

  • Professional Recruiters in The Bronx

    Long Island City, NY - September 20, 2022

    Professional Recruiters in The Bronx | Express Employment Professionals Queens In the current competitive environment of the labor market, your company can't risk waiting to conduct exit interviews to find out what may be making employees leave. Take a proactive approach to employee retention by instead conducting stay interviews with employees while they are still working for you. The professional recruiters at Express Employment Professionals Queens can help you gain insight into the benefits of the stay interview and how you can use this tool to promote retention at your business in The Bronx or a nearby community.

    Using the Stay Interview to Improve Retention in The Bronx

    The stay interview is all about learning what keeps long-term employees with high performance coming to work every day. Asking these employees about their experience can allow you to understand some of the things you're doing right with your employee engagement and communication strategy, as well as areas that could use some improvement.

    Take a look at some great stay interview questions below:

    • Why do you look forward to coming to work every day?
    • Is there anything you dislike about the daily work you do?
    • Do you feel you are sufficiently recognized for your hard work?
    • Over the past year, what was one day that caused high anxiety or frustration for you?
    • What was one day within the past year that you felt was a "good day" at work?
    • What did you enjoy about a prior job that you don't have with this job?
    • If you could take on a management role, what would you change about your workplace?

    Through the process of conducting stay interviews, you will have the opportunity to collect valuable information about why employees are staying with your company, as well as what could potentially cause them to leave in the future.

    Learn More From Our Professional Recruiters in The Bronx

    At Express Employment Professionals Queens, we know how important employee retention is for businesses. Our professional recruiters help improve retention by pairing businesses with exceptional candidates that are ready to partner with them for the long run.

    You can learn more about our services for employers in the following communities by contacting our local office:

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